Should Germany get a T-72M1?

DDR Kampfpanzer T72 Russia Tank, T 72, Warsaw Pact, Soviet Tank ...

T-72 MHM Dresden | T-72 | 270862 | Flickr

They have one?


Yes sir, but its east Germany

They were discontinued after reunification.

so was the Object 292, Russia never really used it

Yeah but the German T-72M1 is already in game so the 292 is irrelevant.

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Its the same tank, but with a new roundel slapped on…

edit - wait, got my roundels mixed up, so just the old East German roundel slapped on.

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Yeah i forgot they did teehee

Kinda pointless don’t you think? unless it’s a event vehicle or premium vehicle. You could literally just take a back up on the one they already have xD