Should Gaijin make a WarThunder themed browser extension?

Hello everyone,

hope your doing well. I just thought that maybe Gaijin could make a WarThunder themed browser or browser extension, I think this would be amazing to see in maybe a 13$ pack where you get like 12 days of prem account, 1000 golden eagles, the browser, a title like Browser Gamer, a decal, and the browser its self… This would be a easy buy for me what do you guys and gals think, I would love to see this plz add Gaijin.
Please reply and tell me what you think.

  • Gaijin should make this
  • Gaijin shouldnt make this
  • Gaijin should make this with some changes
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I’d say this is even worth 20$ since Gaijin is making their own browser

I just changed this to US dollars from Australian dollars so sorry for it being so specific on the numbers.