Should G91Y add CCIP and CCRP?

It is pretty wired that only G91ys has CCIP, but G91Y doesn’t have that, their load-outs is almost the same, except for aim9b. So, should the G91Y add the CCIP as well?

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Well if it had one, and not the other IRL, i don’t see Gaijin adding it, whatsoever the results of this thread.

So is there any document that shows they are different? I don’t understand the Italian

I don’t either,… but from what you told us, it seems they’re different.

Wikipedia also makes me thinks that CCIP was added later on the YS prototype, but not on the Y one, last of which is the production model.

I have checked the issue report, it doesn’t mention how they are different, someone reported the issue but rejected it without reason, and the other one just mentioned that YS and Y have different cockpits.

YS seems to be able to use 4xAIM-9 instead of 2, aswell as a bunch of electronics that differs.

We should qearch for swiss report on the evaluation they’ve made.

YS had ballistic computer implemented as a requirement to participate in Swiss tender. Initial Y variant didn’t have such equipment. There was a long discussion about that on the old forum iirc. You can also see the visual difference between Y and YS by comparing their noses)