Sho't tank with L7 105 mm gun and Meteor engine

[Would you like to see the 1967 105 mm Sho’t in game?]
  • Yes, foldered with the Sho’t Kal Alef
  • Yes, in the tech tree but separated from the Sho’t Kal Alef
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This is the first Israeli upgrade to their mk5 Centurion tanks, their 20pdr guns being removed in favour of L7 / M68 105 mm guns, while retaining the original transmission and Meteor petrol engine.
Also, a new US made radio set was installed.
Some were fitted with an M2 .50 machine gun on the turret, as seen in images below.

The first Centurion mk5 were acquired at the very end of the 50s, and were, as soon as possible, upgraded to the characteristics presented here.
Starting in 1970, the tanks would receive a new diesel engine (AVDS-1790) and transmission, becoming the Sho’t Kal version of the Israeli Centurion.

The tank formed slightly more than half of the Israeli MBT forces during the 1967 Six days war, the rest being M48A1 and M48A2. It mainly saw service on the eastern border in 1967 and also in 1973, because not all Sho’t tanks were upgraded to the Kal version by then.

The tank should have access to a mid-60s selection of shells, which means that likely its APDS shell would be the M392A2, not the slightly later (second half of the 60s) M728, other available shell types would be HESH, smoke and HEAT.
It would have two 6-charge smoke launchers.

Some basic characteristics

Engine: Rolls Royce Meteor (650 hp at 2550 rpm)
Weight: 50 t - 52 t
Armament: L7 / M68 105 mm gun, one coaxial 7.62 mm machine gun (L3A1 / M1919A4), sometimes a .50 M2 machine gun in a flexible mount on the turret, or, less frequently (mostly after the 1967 war) a L3A1 / M1919A4 attached to the commander’s cupola.
Armor: same as Centurion mk5, so the basic 3 in / 76.2 mm plate on the upper front, unlike later Centurions (from the mk5/1 on) that have a 2 in / 50.8 mm plate welded on top of the 3 inches one.
Speed: max 35 km/h forward.

Note the engine deck, being flatter than that of the AVDS-1790 Centurions / Sho’t

A closer look at smoke launchers and M2 MG mount



Completely in favor.

The name of this vehicle is Sho’t Meteor. I’d like to see it either folded behind the Sho’t (which is wrongly named, it should be named “Centurion Mk.5”) or as a premium.

The background you provided on the Sho’t Meteor is missing a bit of details, allow me to elaborate:

When the first centurions arrived in Israel from Britain in the late 50s after the latter finally removed the arms embargo from Israel, the IDF did not grant the Centurions a collective name yet. Centurions in Israel were first referred to by their original name and variant, just in Hebrew. For example: Tzenturion Siman 5 (צנטוריון סימן 5) was the name for the Centurion Mk.5.

In 1967 (or somewhere around the late 60s), the Israelis upgraded ALL of their Centurions with the new British L7 105mm cannon. They were also renamed into “Sho’t”. The 7.7 Centurion we have ingame for Israel is wrongly named “Sho’t” and should be instead re-named “Centurion Mk.5”.

In 1970, a surplus of American AVDS-1790-2A 750hp diesel engines and CD-850-6A transmissions arrived, and Israel used them to upgrade most of the Sho’ts. The Sho’ts that received the new engine and transmission would be renamed “Sho’t Kal Alef”, the first variant of the Sho’t Kal series. The Sho’ts that did not receive a new engine were renamed “Sho’t Meteor”, named after their Rolls-Royce Meteor 4B 650hp petrol engine. By 1974, all remaining Sho’t Meteors were upgraded to the Sho’t Kal standard.


Good suggestion for alternative tech tree position and thanks for the added info, i was aware of the IDF keeping the original Centurion names for the baseline tanks and of the misnamed “Sho’t” in game but I preferred not to bring any attention to it, not knowing if it would ever be changed.

Just to state my opinion on the IDF Centurions we should have in game: I’d rather have this as tech tree and the baseline Centurion Mk5 as premium, considering the version I’m suggesting saw more action (with the IDF) than the basic Mk5 and it’s probably more IDF-specific.

It appears it varies from tank to tank, as some pictured don’t have the smoke launchers. Almost all have the M2 Browning though.

Image dump of photos of the Sho’t Meteor:

Rear right hand tank

Sho’t Meteor with Centurion 5/1 armor (Basically Mk.6 equivalent)

Foreground, with a Sho’t Kal Alef in the background

+1 for it, game needs more Centurions and it would further show the excellent development of the Centurion in Israeli service. Correction of Cent/Sho’t designations as detailed by @ofekk213 should be included.