[Shop] Decals for purchase!

From 13:00 GMT on the 17th of July until 13:00 GMT on the 31st of July, make any purchase of any item on the Gaijin.Net Store and you will get a “Robot snail Left” decal and, for any additional different(*) purchase, a “Robot snail Right” decal.

(*) Important! For example does not apply to two purchases of 150 Gold

The offer is valid for users of all platforms.


Time to go back to bed.
I was not prepared for today.

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So I dont get then while buying the sane pack twice, but buying 1x 150GE and 1x 1000GE should work? Right?

It’s becoming self-aware

I love the robot mommy event but this is just bad lol.
At least remove the snails’ eyes then, that’d make it at least look like the robots

im going to have nightmares about this

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