ShKH vz.77 DANA - Fire for effect

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  • Czechoslovak TT
  • Visegrad 4 TT
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🇨🇿 ShKH vz.77 DANA - Fire for effect


The preliminary design was worked out by Konstrukta by February 1969, and after the opposition procedure, in September 1969 the task of the self-propelled gun howitzer of 152 mm caliber under the designation “DANA” was included in the state plan, thus beginning its actual development. At the beginning of 1970, Konštrukta Trenčín worked out the final design with the expert components of the Ministry of Defence. After its approval, the Konstrukta workshops built the first prototype by 1972, which was followed by a second prototype in early 1973. With the first prototype, company trials were carried out in 1972-1974. In May 1977 it was finally decided to introduce the self-propelled gun howitzer into the armament of the Czechoslovak Army’s ground artillery under the designation 152 mm ShKh vz. 77 DANA.

The final manufacturer of the weapon was Závody těžkého strojárstva Dubnica nad Váhom. Serial production began in 1979 and by 1988 the Czechoslovak army had taken over 364 howitzers (almost 900 pieces were produced). Dana gradually replaced all previously used 152 mm howitzers vz. 18/47 in the arsenal of artillery regiments of all-military divisions and army artillery brigades.

Technical data

  • Length 11.2 m
  • Width 3 m
  • Height 3.35 m
  • Combat weight 28 100 kg


Primary weapon

  • 152mm L/37 howitzer
  • 693 m/s velocity
  • 360° turret rotation
  • -4°depression +70° elevation
  • 5 rpm (2 rpm without auto loader)
  • 36 rounds in the auto loader (60 total)

Secondary weapon

  • 12.7mm DShKM
  • mounted on the turret roof
  • 2 000 rounds


  • Tatra T3-930-52 (V12)
  • Power 265 kW 2200 rpm
  • Road speed 80 km/h
  • off road speed 25 km/h


  1. Driver (cabin)
  2. Vehicle commander (cabin)
  3. Gunner (left side of the turret)
  4. Loader (left side of the turret)
  5. Loader/MG operator (right side of the turret)


Sources :


Would love to see it


But question is about the TT. Even tho i would love to see it in Czechoslovakian TT, but problem is we wouldn’t have top tier ground. USSR tt is out of question (that means NO) and at this point Visegrad TT would be just Poland and Czechoslovakia. Which i would guess would be the best option.


+1 for V4 option!
It surprises me people vote in favor of USSR.


Well. I think rank 7 wouldn’t be that big of a problem because you’ll have pretty solid line-up T-72M4CZ, Pandurs , CV-90s and pretty solid SPAA + some light vehicles.
But with the introduction of Rank 8 as a new top tier there would be a problem finding enough vehicles to fill a line up.
It would be in the same situation as Italy or Japan

A Visegrad 4 TT would have too many vehicles from other countries (Leopards 2, Abrams, K2PL and upgraded T-72s) so that would mean no one would grind any other TT

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I think rank 7 wouldn’t be that big of a problem because you’ll have pretty solid line-up T-72M4CZ, Pandurs , CV-90s and pretty solid SPAA + some light vehicles.

Yes i know. Problem is most of them would be from 10.3 (Leopard 2A4) - 10.7 (T-72M4CZ) and depending on the armaments (missiles/spikes) maybe 11.0 MAX. But most them would be 10.3-10.7 materials. And with current tank 8, we dont even have a MBTs that could be 11.0 and up.

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It’s a Soviet vehicle…
That’s like saying T-80U shouldn’t be in the Soviet Union cause it was manufactured in Ukraine…

Except Czechoslovakia was a sovereign nation whereas Ukraine wasn’t.
I don’t quite remember the USSR designing and procuring the DANA…


My dude, Soviet military literally used the weapon:

Hm, something I didn’t know.
Still doesn’t change the fact that they aren’t Soviet vehicles though.


I agree they can be added to future tech trees.
However, it shouldn’t be denied to a tech tree we have in-game that used them in real life.

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Yeah that’s fair and changes some things on my perspective.
USSR doesn’t necessarily need it, but it is a viable option it seems.


I verified the source:

Using the following parameters: