Shenyang J-11, J-16, J-15, History, Performance & Discussion

The cockpit of j11b or j15 may resemble the simulator in the picture.


Gaijin will not care about China, he will only copy the Su-27sk cockpit for you


I can only try my best to fight for it.


I think it’s J-15 Trainer

J15 uses electronic equipment of J11B, so I think this picture can be used as a reference for J11B and J15 cockpit.

Do you know if the J-15 and J-16 will have access too targeting pods?

J16 can indeed, j15 I haven’t seen the picture of using aiming hoisting.


Thank you!

What is the name of the regiment of cool guys-or what kind of bird? there another photo?


It may look like “海空雄鹰”, belonging to an elite unit of PLANAF with a long history, but there are no more photos of this low-visibility logo.


Any detail about the model of radar that Su-30MK2 is using? From many sources, it is supposed to have a more advanced radar than the Su-30MKK (N001VE), but there are conflicting info on what is exactly the radar it is using.

Should be N001VEP

As a player from HK, china i am disgusted that these planes are not here yet. Im a big J-10, J-15 and sukhoi fan, yet the newest chinese jet in wt is the JH-7A. Gaijin, can you pls add the J-10 and SU-27 pls


This seems to be the most common opinion. There are some sources that say MK2 uses PESA version of N001 radar (“panda”?) though, so I was really confused

Well at least it was not a C&P plane in the Taiwanse line lol. That and the JH-7A did help to solve the CAS problem. Looking forward to seeing J-10 or J11 in the winter update.

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The N001VEP radar is a Panda …
On the Venezuelan Su-30MK2B, a variant with a Slit (Planar) antenna is installed …
The J-16 is a clone of the Su-30MK2 with Chinese electronic equipment…so the plans and ways to modernize (if any) the Su-30MK2 in China are quite obvious…

Not exactly a clone, the airframe is a combination of Su-30 and J-11BS features with more use of composite materials to reduce weight. It also uses a more powerful Chinese engine.

How China made the J-16 fighter better than the Su-30 - Air Data News

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This is more of an advertising article …
Some of the compared elements do not have much significance since they are connected with existing communication systems and radio-electronic equipment of the previous generation that continue to remain in service, as well as other weapons systems and missiles used …
The keel tips of the J-16 are made according to the technology
of the Komsomolsk-on-Amur plant, which China acquired together with a license on the Su-27SK…
The analogue of the J-16 in Russia is the Su-30SM \ Su-30SM2 engines with variable thrust vector…and not the nameless Su-30 as in the article on the website…

Point is, the J-16 would still be better in most metrics. The AESA Radar in particular would be a big deal, and the fact that it was built to use Chinese missles