Shell's that only work part of the time

having played this game for rather long time I notice things that don’t seem to be exactly right .Shooting the enemy with a shell that has a ability to pin a certain amount of armor. The enemy tank has much less armor then the shell can pin . But during game play I get notified that there was no pin ,nothing ,no damage what so ever . So I go to the hanger to check the shell’s pin capability and match it to the armor on the tank I shot. The tank at it’s thickest point was 75mm with a affective thickness of 175mm My shell pins 408 mm .My question is WHY my shell didn’t kill him .I went into the protection analysis option and it said my shell pins that tank every ware except in the matches .Why is it different? If by all the stats in the game he should have been dead but instead he turned his turret and killed me .I got killed by the tank I should have killed with my shot .;why does this happen .If you can’t depend on the results of a good shot then you can’t trust any outcome in the game . If War thunder’s numbers don’t mean anything the why display them at all .It gives you a false reading on what your tank can do . the stats sat one thing game play says something completely different.

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