Severe problems with Helicopter PvE at starter BRs

I decided to play Heli PvE after a long while and now I remember why I haven’t.
APCs with laser accuracy, missiles phasing through convoy targets, convoys phasing through the ground, not to metion having bad missiles or no missiles to beging with against the air defences that can phase in to the ground in the convoys or better yet your missile phases through them as I already mentioned.

Heli PvE at it’s current form is unplayable with starter helicopters, as they might have missiles that have no reach against air defences, no missiles, bad agility, or low amount of rockets.

Convoy aa has the range of 3km where it will start shooting and kills the player quite easily even when evasive action is taken. Japan, Italy, Sweden, Israel and USA have starter helicopters that have no missiles or missiles that cannot out range the convoy aa. If the players of these nations try to research helicopters, they will quickly find that the only thing that they can do is capture those landing pads that appear once a while and distroy targets in distroy enemy ground targets to capture the sector types of events after someone with missiles has dealt with the aa in those sectors. This will leave a bad taste and discourages the player away. The only options that they have are to keep playing this horrible gamemode, play gound battles with the helicopters which isn’t easy for a beginner helicopter player, or use tanks research them (the player also might not have tanks with high enough of a rank to efficiently research helicopters.

I’m currently too tired to make suggestions to fix these problems, so I let you kind readers can write your suggestion if you have any


I agree. Its essentially bad for every heli that isnt premium or spaded. The aa is out ranges stock heli missles so it makes it near impossible to attack conveys or bases.

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The gamemode simply needs A LOT of work. Maps are stupidly huge yet objectives are far and few in between. You spend a lot of time just flying towards the sparse targets, only to get all the kills snatched by the likes of Ka-50/52s and Apaches. They ought to not only reduce the size of the maps in rotation, but also make the objectives spawn more frequently and over a broader area of the map. That way you don’t have to race with 10 other players converging on a single objective. Or if they insist on the map size, just limit the players in the lobby to 6-8 players maximum to compensate.

And there’s absolutely NO reason for low tier helicopters with 3km missiles to face Gepards with bullshit laser aim. Simply changing the convoy AAs to the Shilkas like they’ve already used in the frontline objectives would be a very welcome change since they’re not ridiculously accurate at long ranges while presenting some challenge on closer ranges. And they’re way more manageable even with SS.11s. And don’t get me started on Rocky Canyon and its stupid ZA-35 convoys…

At the very least they can just increase the RP gain you get by playing the mode if they just can’t be bothered to do the necessary fixes to the gamemode. Then again that’s probably very naive of me to even think that’s ever gonna happen. Heli PvE is pretty much abandoned for god knows how long at this point. As someone who genuinely enjoys flying helicopters it’s frustrating to not have a fun and reliable way of grinding helicopters… by playing helicopters. Yes you can grind it with ground vehicles in GRB, but that seemed like a rather lame compromise, at least for me personally.