Severe damage is bs

I shot off vertical stabilizer on a f5c and it counts as a crit not severe damage, plane was barely in the air and descending because it was uncontrollable but a teammate swoops in, kills him with a missile and I just get an assist… HOW IS RIPPING A VERTICAL STABILIZER OFF NOT SEVERE DAMAGE


The definition is definitely strange, and it’s still odd how a plane that is unable to fly isn’t counted as kill before it crashes into the ground.

Usually sever damage is lethal but in one instance I inflicted sever damage to a P-39 and was suprised that he was still air borne and even chasing after me.
Turned out I only turned his engine orange but he could have easily just turned around and repaired.

So what would have been a crit previously was now shown as “sever damage” even though the damage wasn’t so sever. Sever enough to give him a hard time in a fight but not even close of becoming ineffective.