Sevastopol-class Battleship, Oktyabrskaya Revolyutsiya - Leningrad's Sentinel

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Sevastopol-class Battleship, Oktyabrskaya Revolyutsiya

Oktyabrskaya Revolyutsiya post-war

Bluewater vessel, Parizhskaya Kommuna with slightly worse main guns and armour but a large amount of anti-aircraft guns and radar.

The last of the Sevastopol (or Gangut) class battleships to be commissioned, and originally named Gangut, the class namesake in foreign texts. It served in the Baltic Fleet in WW1 and participated in the February Revolution of 1917 and the Ice Cruise from Helsinki to Kronshtadt. In 1918 it was laid up due to crew shortages, and later renamed Oktyabrskaya Revolyutsiya (October Revolution). It underwent repairs and a refit in the mid-1920s, re-joining the fleet in 1926.

In 1931, after the completion of Marat’s modernization, Oktyabrskaya Revolyutsiya’s was started. The fore superstructure was greatly expanded, with a stronger design compared to Marat’s, which allowed for a fire director to be added and more crew quarters. A second aft tower was constructed, which allowed a second fire director to be fitted. 2 large cranes were also mounted on the aft tower, meant for seaplanes and boats. The main battery guns were slightly modernized, which allowed for easier barrel replacement, and the turret roof armour was reinforced to 152mm. 6 76mm Lender guns and 24 7.62mm Maxim’s MGs were added as AA guns. The boilers were replaced with 12 from the unfinished battlecruiser Izmail, which were much more efficient than the originals, needing less for the same power and allowing the installation of an additional bulkhead to improve underwater protection. Work was completed in 1934, and the ship later participated in the Winter War, bombarding a Finnish coastal battery.

Its AA guns were reinforced in 1941 and the cranes removed, and at the start of Operation Barbarossa was based at Tallinn. The rapid German advance forced the ship to retreat to Kronshtadt, and minefields placed by Axis forces removed the ability of the Baltic Surface Fleet to conduct operations. Oktyabrskaya Revolyutsiya and Marat shelled German forces advancing onto Leningrad, and was badly damaged by bombs in September, knocking out 2 turrets. The ship’s repair lasted until November of 1942, and it supported the Soviet breakout from Leningrad in 1944. it was reinforced with more AA guns and armour plates during the war, and a British air warning radar in 1944. In June of that year, it fired the last combat shots of any Soviet battleship, and was awarded the Order of the Red Banner for its service.

Post-war, Oktyabrskaya Revolyutsiya remained in the fleet and was reclassified as a school battleship in 1954. In 1956 it was decommissioned, and its hull slowly scrapped over the next few years.

Specifications: (1944)

4x3 12"/52 (305mm) Pattern 1907 (1200 rounds)
10x1 120mm Pattern 1905 (3500 or 4200 rounds)
2x2 76mm 81-K, at the stern indentations
1x2 76mm 39-K, at the bow
6x1 76mm 34-K, 3 each on the front and rear turrets
1x4 37mm 46-K, at the bow
16x1 37mm 70-K, 3 each on the middle turrets in semi-enclosed mounts, rest on superstructure
2x4 12.7mm Vickers, at stern indentations
3x2 12.7mm DShK, on superstructure
4x1 12.7mm DShK, on superstructure

Armour: (Krupp cemented steel, same layout as Poltava but with reinforced armour in some areas)

225mm Centreline Belt
125mm Waterline Front and Rear
125mm Upper Belt
75mm Upper Waterline Front
100mm Belt Ends
50mm Belt Bulkhead (Krupp non-cemented steel)
37.5mm Upper Belt Bulkhead (Krupp non-cemented steel)
100-125mm Rudder Armour
37.5mm Upper Deck (nickel-chrome steel) + 15 000 sqft of 90-110mm plates added
19-25mm Deck
12mm Lower Deck (mild steel)
254mm Conning Tower Sides
100mm Conning Tower Roofs
76mm Conning Tower Floors
127mm Upper Conning Tower Tubes
76.2mm Lower Conning Tower Tubes
15mm Splinter Armour on the superstructure where AA guns are
22mm Funnel Uptakes
76.2mm Casemate Guns
203mm Turret Front and Sides
152mm Turret Roofs
305mm Turret Backs
76mm Gun Embrasures
150mm Upper Barbettes
75mm Lower Barbettes

25 464 tons standard
26 692 tons full

Length: 184.85m

Beam: 26.88m

Draft: 9.47m

Propulsion: 4 Geared Steams Turbines with 12 Yarrow Oil Boilers, 60 600hp, driving 4 shafts

Speed: 22.48 knots (41.6 km/h)

Range: 2500nmi (14 kts)

Crew: 1411

KDP-6 fire director with 2 Zeiss rangefinders + a master sight
KDP-6 fire director on aft tower
2x AA fire directors below fore KDP-6
2x rangefinders on aft tower
4x 8m Galileo rangefinders, 1 on each turret
Type 279 search radar







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+1 1944 model. I like the story of an old battleship that underwent several modernizations and refurbishments and was used after WWII. Beloved ship…

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+1, i think it is the most modern version of Sevastopol

Unfortunately Paris Commune is still the most modern one; it has improved reload and torpedo bulges. All October Revolution has over it is an early search radar and more AA.

what about "[Petropavlovsk], 11.1950- Волхов [Volkhov}?

Marat? It’s the least modernized of the three. Had another modernization planned but was partially destroyed in 1941.

It was also just added ingame lol.

I thought it was a further modernized version in 1950, my bad

There was a rebuild project planned post-war, but that was cancelled.

Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.