Settings won't save or update when needed

War Thunder settings in Game updater won’t save.

Hide launcher to tray on download.
Continue download when OS starts.
Auto update.
None of these will stay enabled. As soon as I close the Updater the setting I set are disabled.

Plus, always having issues on which one should do the updates. Is Steam going to update or is War Thunder updater going to update. Right now I was downloading 69 GB of game and closed it and Steam somehow is only downloading 455 MB. Always back and forth on updates. Steam won’t download when Updater is running or Updater won’t update until Steam does it’s update.

This is so consuming since I have only 6 Mbps and got to check on it at all times to see if one or the other is updating. GB of Game that can take all day.

those settings are getting saved into the config.blk (in the War Thunder main game folder (if you are on a Windows system that is)) - make sure the file isn’t set to ‘read only’ (aka write protected)

if you’ve installed the game on Steam you should let Steam handle the updates and don’t use the launcher (and / or updater aka auto updates on the launcher)

For one why would it be read only. How do you think it got that way. No it’s not.
The setting are ignored. Updater says yes on startup and hide to tray but bg=background updater stays no.
What do you mean don’t use the updater. I have 69 GB of game still downloading. That Steam seems to not download the hole. I only have 47 Gigs and Steam won’t DL the rest.
So you saying I shouldn’t get the hole Full Ultra of the game?

quite a few players manually edit their confg.blk (for different reasons) and set it to ‘read only’ afterwards to prevent the launcher (or game) to revert their edits on the next start.

in your case it’s obviously something else…

Steam (usually) keeps the game up to date automatically… and so does the updater - so they are both doing the same and sometimes that causes interferences. the updater should only be used when a player runs the stndalone client.

indeed by default Steam only downloads the ‘standard client’ unless you install the (free !) ultra HQ texture DLCs (from the Steam store). the problem is that without the HQ texture DLCs installed Steam won’t update (nor check) the ultra HQ files.

so now that you’ve downloaded the UHQ files via the updater / launcher the game will run on UHQ but if there’s an update (of the UHQ files) in the future and you update the game via Steam you may run into troubles.

anyway… whether you use the auto updater or Steam for updates should not affect the ability of the launcher to correctly save the launcher settings and since your config.blk is not write protected i don’t know what else could be the cause for them not getting saved.

I never said I put the file under read only. If so, how?
I want the UHQ. But I can’t get it unless you tell me NOT to use the Wordhunter.

I like how you didn’t mention the imported issue is why is the WT updater ignoring the config.blk file.
What’s the point of having setting that you can’t change that are in the updater window.

Need to talk to Steam on having the option to DL UHQ for planes, tanks, and ships if people want it.
Because I want it. But not at the expense of manually updating new UHQ maps that Steam won’t do.

Your not an developer and you truly don’t know what your talking about. How do I know because your profile is privet. Developers do not privet the profile. And I don’t want to talk to you anymore.

I want a developer to answer why setting are ignored and get disable right after I relaunch sed settings that changes get ignored. Well they should be grade out or not be there in the first place.

bg_tray:b=yes <— gets ignored
startup_with_windows:b=yes <— gets ignored
hide_to_tray_option:b=yes <— get ignored
bg_update:b=no <— never change
That’s not what it says in the windows settings.