Setting up Ground Spawns for Aircraft in Custom Battles/CDK Mission- orienting them in the right direction


A friend and I are creating a custom mission and want to set up spawn zones for aircraft near the hangars and reventments on the airfield so that players have to taxi to the runway. We are able to create the spawn zones in the desired locations, however, it seems that the planes always spawn facing the wrong direction. We have tried rotating the spawn zone ‘bubble’ but it doesn’t seem to work, and aircraft will spawn facing the reventments or hangars instead of facing the taxiway.

Can someone please help us fix this issue, or give us a walkthrough?

Thank you!

Creating custom spawn airfields is a bit tricky and odd. Everything would be easy and simple if changing the direction of the spawn actually worked. When you create a airfield the spawns will always face towards the center of the “Start” and “end” zones of a airfield. When you have spawn zones that you’d need to face the other way you need to create another airfield “start” and “end”. You’d then align the “center” so the spawns could look at way.

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Pre-made object group airfields will have about 4-8 implemented spawns at the start of the runway. You could use those as a additional spawn point. Also I recommend making the airfield a neutral one to avoid forced refuel/repairs. You could also set airfield properties and make the refuel/repair 2-99x slower. 10x makes it about 5minutes to refuel/repair. Im not completely sure if its restricted to object group airfields. I havent tried setting airfield properties to manually created airfields.
a10_Revamp_Takeoff.blk (103.5 KB)
Here’s a old takeoff portion of a event I created. It has what I’m talking about minus the airfield properties. It’s restricted to any a-10 and was made for sim difficulty.

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Thanks for the info! I’ll pass this along to my friend, and we’ll see if we can get it to work. Thank you!