Server Update 25.07.2023 (RoadMap)

  • Compensation for automatic vehicle repairs and automatic ammo refills after battles have been added for premium account owners. To receive compensation for repairs and ammo, you need to check the “Automatically repair all vehicles after the battle” and “Automatically purchase spent ammunition after the battle” boxes in the research window before the battle. Compensation of your expenses is calculated based on how much you’ve earned during the session excluding penalties for destroying allies (they are not compensated). Compensation of expenses is added to the list of rewards when the battle ends and is displayed in the battle statistics screen and in personal messages that contain battle results.
  • Payments for repairs of vehicles destroyed by your allies have been disabled. In modes where there are no repairs but pair respawns (such as Air SB), if an ally destroys your vehicle, your next respawn in this session in the same vehicle will be free.
  • A rewards table has been added to the personal message window with better displayed battle results. The detailed log is only available in the main game modes: Ground arcade, realistic, simulator battles; Air arcade, realistic, simulator battles; Naval arcade, realistic battles; Helicopter battles.
  • The ability to copy detailed battle results to the clipboard to share them online or analyse them has been added.
  • When buying premium or pack vehicles, players will now receive a specific number of backups that depend on the vehicle rank and is displayed before purchase.
  • Now players will receive mission points for helping repair or extinguish fires for their allies. In Ground battles, for each repair assist a player will receive 40 mission points up to 10 times per session, and 150 points for each fire put out (no limits). In Naval battles a player will receive 10 points per each repair, up to 10 times per session.
  • When a gunner gets knocked out, there is now a delay before the tank commander gains control over the duplicate fire control system. The commander taking over the controls is marked by a circular indicator around a gunner replacement indicator. If a “duplicate” mode is used in the commander’s sights when the gunner is knocked out, the commander takes over the fire control system with no delay.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.


This is amazing! The upgrade to premium account seemed only logical. Thank you very much!


For repair compensation, does this mean that Premium account holders will no longer have to pay any repair costs, on any mode?

For example: Will SimEC Premium players still have to prepay repair costs for flyouts?

I think for EC you’re compensated at the end of the match.

You still pay for repairs. But if your repair costs are more then what you earned you get compensated the difference, This means you still have to pay for repair but you can never be at a net loss after a round. Which is freaking amazing!

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It is an improvement, but netting 0 SL at the end of a match really isn’t progressing anywhere. Not that it’s a huge problem for me personally, but you would think that paying players wouldn’t have such roadblocks.

Even as an average player who carries a Premium account at all times, I still can’t just spend my SL carelessly. I have to be very careful how I spend my SL by doing things like, waiting to purchase any tier IV and up vehicle at 50% off sales. And being selective of what vehicle crews I want to Expert.

It would be nice for premium players who support the game, to not have to penny pinch. No reason I shouldn’t be able to Expert all my air crews with average gameplay results. Especially when top aircraft performance relies on Expert and Aced crews.

Yeah i get what you mean. I still think there must be an element of penny pinchning even for premium player. Its such a fundamental part of the game so i think it could maybe remove some of the fun.

As i see it. I played 300 hours before even realizing you could lose silver, so yeah. Its one think to not progress right but to lose progress is a whole other thing. And now you cant lose silver anymore! I think it should have been like this since the start. I think its great.

Im suprised they havnt made a bigger thing out of this though. I can imagine premium being a lot more attractive to people now.

Important to note though, if you were running mostly cash positive and running repair-over-time before, this will be lower-SL than it otherwise would be. The example they give is not very good.

If in a game you make 12k and have 10k in repair, you will make 2k from this automatically.

If in a game you make 12k and have 10k in repair, so this was your last game for a little while with this lineup, so it would drop to 5k by the time you come back to the lineup, you would have made 7k, so this change loses you 5k on that game and gains you nothing on the previous games you played on that lineup.

On the other hand, in an average game you make 10k, and have 12k in repair, before this keeps you at 0k expense, instead of losing 2k per game. On the last game in the lineup, again assuming you used some aspect of repair over time before that covered half of your repair cost, you would have made 4k because auto repair was off before, though.

So insurance really only makes sense if you’re going to play more than a couple games in a row with a lineup where you’re likely to lose SL (even after premium time bonuses). Otherwise you’ll get slightly less than you could have by turning autorepair off and pocketing some of the repair cost on your final game of the lineup.

Not if you use CAS.
I Managed to lose SL while failing to do anything with CAS and ending the game, meanwhile every other game without using CAS I never lost any SL, which is honestly fine to me.

I think you might be missing something there. You have to have automatic repair and ammo refill for you to get compensated. So if youre not planing on playing that lineup again for a while there is a way to opt out.


Regarding the battle results screen, why is it not showing nor ever has showed our repair costs? As far as I know, there is nowhere for us to see our actual repair costs per battle. So how do we even know what we’re being charged for repairs actually? Everything else has been detailed on that screen, but not repair costs, which makes no sense. Because that is money being taken from us each battle. Which I would think we have a right to know and see what it is. You show RP earned, number of enemies destroyed, critical hits, etc. And how much we earn in SL. But you don’t show how much is being taken away for repairs. I find that odd. And sketchy. Please explain why it is this way.

Yes, if you know this is going to be your last game for a while before you start to play it. That’s not always a sure thing.