Server Update 18.12.2023

  • For players who actively use decals, the option “Show decals on other player vehicles” is automatically toggled to “Yes”. For high-level players who do not actively use decals, a pop-up window will be shown when opening the game, asking to enable the option. Additionally, this window will also be shown when the option is off and a decal is applied to a vehicle, but no more than once every 6 months.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.


nice one. could the question to renew the premium account if I discontinued it also not pop up every other day? thanks 🤗


I still don’t understand why you make it by default. The option is a good addition as was the limited camo to historical

But that was something you needed to turn on yourself. There you have a bunch of new players who will probably never see that option.

So I ask you:why are you doing this? Are you planning in the future to remove decals?


Very good change. Thank you.

I even have a premium account and it still asks me to buy one.


no, it’s probably because they’re about to add an avalanche of anime decals (I’m not against it)


What does “actively use decals” mean?

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after this landed for some reason my game reports corrupted files during launch, but when i run check files in the launcher it doesnt show anything wrong? found it weird since it didnt require launcher update

Gaijin’s legal department is worried about Z decals or people hacking swastikas together with other decals, so they play it safe by having it off for new players. It gives them wiggle room in case of any lawsuit they may face.

I like it a lot because I don’t want to see Russian or Ukrainian flags or goofy eyes on tanks, so a win for almost everybody.


Why play warthunder then?


Well… they can stay!

The reason I like War Thunder, is partly because they keep camos and decals relatively grounded in reality. I don’t mind semihistorical camos like the German skin for F-2H or the naval skin for F-16A or the flecktarn for Leopard 2K.

But I completely despise the new additions from the Twitch drops. Sadly for me, if I turn them off, I also turn off those cool semihistorical skins mentioned above.

They should really stop going the Call of Duty / Fortnite way.
The moment I start seeing pink tanks and rainbow planes, I am out.

Bc its war vehicle simulator.

Btw, who didn’t know, u can disable eyes on tanks and so on separately.

You can either show “any” or “except fictional”.

With the second option you see both semi-historical and historical stuff.

By semihistorical I meant fictional as well.
Ta154 bundeswehr Luftwaffe skin is in fictional category. Same with Leopard 1A1 Wuttemberg, Leopard 2k Flecktarn… these are all cool skins based in reality I would not see after turning fictional off.

They should just enable us to turn off individual skins. For example the new Leopard 2PSO stardust skin looks really cool, no doubt about it, but I absolutely do not want to see this in the actual match.

Don’t like it as well, if there is problem between historical and fictional stuff, just make is same as skins:
historical and semi historical appear for anyone but fictional you have to enable to see.

Same method should had been done for decals (if this really was need at all, i feel like this is bad change)