Server Update 14.06.2024

Ground vehicle simulator battles

  • Setup 2_2 — T18E2 has been removed. Pz.IV G, Pz.IV H, Pz.IV J and Churchill AVRE Petard have been added.
  • Setup 3_2 — KW I C 756 (r) (Germany) has been removed. Churchill AVRE Petard has been added.
  • Setup 4_2 — KV-220 has been removed.
  • Setup 5_2 — Kungstiger has been added.
  • Setup 6_2 — Ho-Ri Production has been removed. Kungstiger has been added.
  • Setup 8_2_2 — M60A1 "D.C.Ariete" has been removed. PLZ83-130 has been added.
  • Setup 9_2 — Gal Batash and AGS have been removed. Shturm-S has been added.

Patch notes reflect only key changes, meaning they may not include a complete list of all improvements made. Additionally, War Thunder is constantly being updated and some changes may not require an update. Changes reflected in patch notes are formed by taking reactions and requests of the community from the bug reporting service, forums and other official platforms into account. Bug fixes and changes are implemented in order of importance, for example a game-breaking bug will be worked on and implemented sooner.


I bet alot of people thought thats the new major update before clicking on it… lol


very happy the sim is now follow from gaijin


Yeah, this was kind of cruel. 😅

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The only strong german tank was removed. Seriously?
And are these new setups or something?


Stupid changes.

  1. T18E2 is one of the slowest (and rarest) machines in the game. In 2-1 event was OK, there is no reason to remove it.
  1. Why you keep OP Puma in 1-1 and 2-1? This must be remove.

  2. Pz IV G move to 2-1 is OK, but why H and J? Those got 100mm of armor.

  3. Wirbelwind in 3-1, Ostwind and Ostwind II in 4-1 are OP. Correct setup should be: Wirbel in 4-1; Oswind in 5-1 and Ostwind II in 6-1.

agree is unnecessary and i love to see this change reverted.
i really hpe the puma is removeed too this little guy ruin the 1-1

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Dude, it was so out of place there. I played it there, it was too good there.

man kv 220 is removed is the sign of the russian bias in warthunder XD and i have played it a lot

Good changes so far. But could you PLEASE remove the sdkfz 234/2 from the first WW2 bracket? It’s not very fair that a 1944 time-traveller gets to dunk on pre-war tractors


German SPAA’s are OP…NO

  1. it’s not a Pantsir S1, 2S6 or m247 where it’s easy. You still need to aim right in order to shoot down CAS [ i love seeing “hit” when 37mm HE does nothing to a plane]
  2. Guess who spams CAS more? That’s right, allies.
    3.who has better CAS? Allies.
  3. Starting from 4 preset in WW2 allies get 2 and a half oerlikon carriers with fire rate 996r/m, plus china with downgraded BTR-ZD with 600r/m. So who’s OP now?

P.s. how many times you’ve seen WW2 SPAA taken first spawn. Not many right?

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…glad that gaijin finally looked at ground SIM, but with these changes, they better didn’t.
[Setups. Why not presets?, WW2 1-6, CW 1-5, oh well…guess i’ll never know]

  1. Setup 2-2. There were needed two tanks for this to be somewhat balanced, add Dicker Max +/or Flak 8.8 and Pz4G. TD’s while been glass guns could stop USSR heavy tanks, while Pz4G wouldn’t be a punching bag like Pz4F2. [But than again M4 still better because of Unrealistic! stab.]
    T18E2…why? Should stay.
  2. Setup 3-2. KW 1 C756 (r), so the only tank that saves axis team from going to 30% win rate gets moved…you are [redacted]. By the way A.C.4 which is basicly a panther D, but on a lower preset isn’t moved…hm…
  3. Setup 4-2 KV220, yeah…he was busted, not OP! Just fix his breech that eats DM53 from Leo2A7V and only gets “red” with crew not filling anything. Fix that and he’ll be balanced and give germany Sturer Emil, historically it was used in the same period as Tiger 1, so why not? On a 5th preset KV220 vs Ferdinands, jagdpantgers, Tiger 2 (P)… he’ll have a “great time”.
    Hm…what about moving EBR1954? Best light tank with no counter other than sitting and waitting until he makes a mistake.
  4. Setup 6-2 ho-ri prod…just give him engine from ho-ri prot, because experimental engine with 1100hp was not implemented. Needs to stay.
  5. Setup 8-2-2, the only M60 [without stab] that isn’t garbage moves up, to become a garbage.

In conclusion the only actually good change/addup i see here is PLZ83-130 was added [that should’ve been added from the start!!! Snail’s pace or you just forgot?] and AGS moved up. Everything else should be reverted, or at least thought through! I don’t think you did it.

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Stona, this a contradiction. You add a link to the bug report service but the guys there just close any such requests as ‘not a bug’.

Please get them to forward these as suggestions.

Can you PLEASE include consideration of sim in the regular BR rebalances, or even better run a seperate rebalance solely for sim modes in between the AB/RB balances… this would mean less work for you.

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You should add VIDAR to 9-2 event. Currently is only in 8-2-2. 9-2 is more correct for it + this machine should be in 2 events.

Btw. every premium should be in 2 events (with few exceptions).

Very nice to see positive changes in simulator!

Would it be possible to see addition of PTZ89 into the 9_2 bracket? its a cool vehicle that would be well of in that bracket. I would also like to see tanks like ZTZ-96 and T-72A to be added so they can be played in a more fair bracket compared to the higher one where they are just too weak. 8.0 and lower tanks too should be removed from this 9_2 bracket and put into 8_2_2 bracket.

another tank need to be put in 2-2 is the kv-2 and the variant kv2 of 1940

i think is better do this and put late heavy down in the 8_2_2 event like 279 and is7 or in the current event give this tank to spawn with 300 pt

Because it could fight back to m4a1 76, hellcats, delat torn and other op vehicles?
I’m saying again, the only strong (+ it is premium) german tank was removed from this setup. And it’s useless in 4_1.

Are you sure it is this set? I thought they removed it from the one where 4.0 T-34s are the top.