Server Update 08.08.2023

  • Attempts to attack allied ground vehicles from aircraft in ground AB now scores in the automatic punishment program to determine whether a player should be banned or kicked from session. At the same time, damage to allies is still not applied. Similar mechanics have been working in aircraft AB for a lengthy period.
  • Private messages after a battle ends now contain detailed reward information for hits to allies, and bonus rewards for results of the mission.
  • When activating a tradable coupon for a vehicle, the player now receives backups for it along with the vehicle. The number of backups depends on the rank of the vehicle.
  • Data cards on Market vehicles now contain their status (Premium or event vehicles), their ranks, as well as the number of gift backups for activating the coupon. Vehicle status and its rank now can be used as keywords to search for vehicles in the search menu.
  • The French navy is now available for research for all players.
  • The Dupleix heavy cruiser (pack) has been added to the French bluewater fleet tech tree.
  • CV 90105, CT-CV 105HP — ATGM Falaric 105 have been added to ammunition
  • Saetta P-494 — a bug has been fixed which prevented the “Blue” camo from being applied.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.


Cool! The Falaric 105 is a beast

So, I have to ask as someone that plays a lot of Air AB and when I want to play tanks/ships goes to AB for that as well - how sensitive is it? For the most part I don’t think I’ve had any issues in Air AB (I try to not shoot past teammates, or use them as target practice at match start) where yeah it flags me cause somewhere in there a teammate flew in front of me while I was shooting or aim was slightly off - still not sure what’s gone on recently that a couple missiles have damaged teammates, but don’t think it’s ever kicked me. That said - not so friendly fire in Tank AB in my experience has been very different. I’ll fess up that yeah, there are a handful of times I straight up never saw the teammate, misjudged their speed vs the time delay, or misjudged the range from where bomb hit to max blast radius. Which more often than not, especially when I’ve been on the receiving end from people who clearly don’t care about killing teammates, has been the tank get blown up. So is this gonna be a thing where you goof up and it would have killed a teammate you get kicked/banned from the server/session or is this going to more be an issue for the clowns that carpet bomb an area with the ‘let god sort them out’ mentality?

I mean - on the one hand it’ll be nice to not have 2/3 respawns wasted cause someone doing CAS is more than willing to kill me to hopefully steal the kill or get more than one. On the other hand, I don’t want to get kicked/banned because for some reason it takes a week for the bomb I drop to explode and some quick tank I couldn’t account for decided to drive up to where/who I dropped it on and get’s themselves killed. Which - I’m still scratching my head here why it is any bomb I use seems to have some long as hell delay, yet some of these guys dropping them on me from similar altitudes and all detonate the instant they impact on/near me.

what are theese br changes, decompressing br in favour for king tiger and compressing br for every other early post war tank. its unplayable

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This rule change just doesn’t make sense to me.
Even Ground Batlle (RB) shows the allied markings.
With this spec change, all friendly markings will be uniformly removed and a penalty will be attached if you attack a tank that is unknown whether it is friendly or enemy…? Is this a joke?

“Fighter jets are meant to escort.” Yes, I understand that.
“Fighter jets do not attack tanks.” Yes, I understand that too.
Then, you can either eliminate the attack decision in the first place, or force the enemy fighter or bomber (attack aircraft) to J-back when it gets a kill.
If you don’t want them to attack on the ground, that is the best way.
Don’t put the user at risk of being banned, in addition to taking away the user’s visibility.


I cant not see on AR who is friendly or enemy as fighter . Who says a fighter is not allowed to attack on the ground? if this rule is true, then there are many other rules that are unreal in the game.

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Especially when in arcade, there are mixed matchups.

It’s ridiculous,lol

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Yes, I can still understand if there are camp restrictions and tank identification like in RB and SB.
But AB is mixed match…
If someone sees an M18 on a certain map that is bypassing and looking into a base, it is not practical to determine whether the M18 is a friend or foe.


now give the Strv 103C slpprj M/80S

It’s an amazing idea, but there is an issue with it.
Allied fighters go for ground units once the enemy striker/bomber have been taken down. Now that they can’t see allies on the ground on AB, that just means they won’t be able to tell friend from foe: leading to more friendly fire, and also giving malicious players the option to unfairly punish a honest mistake.

I think only having allied markers back(similarly to how only allied markers are visible on RB) would be a good compliment to this change.


Any way we can get a clarification as to what this means?
Because right now I understand it as follows:

So if I spawn in a fighter, the enemy bomber or other fighters are defeated, and I strafe a tank I can not determine who’s side is on because the battles are mixed and there are no markers, friendly or enemy, the air battle spawn position is randomized so you can’t even count on spawning behind “your side” to orient yourself, I get punished like I teamkilled (with regards to the counter to being kicked) even though friendly damage is disabled?

Have I accurately understood the premise of this rule?

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For some odd reason, they’re making Arcade Battles more realistic than Realistic Battles.

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The rules for planes in AB are as clear as mud. I’m still getting strafed dived on and killed by fighters going after my open SPG’s. They love it, suicide dive on an open SPG or a tank, destroy your vehicle then get back in their tank with a kill and nothing lost. So I have no idea what this new rule means at all. i really don’t believe W/t wants to address this legal form of cheating in a meaningful way. How about just a AB battle without planes after all it is a GROUND would solve this never ending issue .

so can we still push teammates into the water or no?