Server Replays not working since April Fool's Event Update?

I noticed that ever since the “Mad Thunder” April Fools event started, any replay from prior to April 1st simply isn’t working anymore. Doesn’t matter whether I access the replay by first selecting it from the website, or if I go directly to the replay from within the game itself. Click to view the replay, and then it just sits there “loading” with the replay timer advancing only a few 100ths of a second for each second spent watching it. No players actually load, and I’m stuck watching the battle field from above. And if I max the speed to 16x, the trees or smoke in the environment start twerking around as expected (because it’s playing at 16x normal speed), but the replay timer still only advances a few 100ths of a second in real time.

I don’t know if the “Mad Thunder” event update actually caused this issue, but I know I was able to watch replays as usual on March 30th, did not play at all on March 31st, and then when I was on April 1st I noticed that the replays from prior to April 1st were no longer working, even though they are accessible. (I.e. not like the replays from older versions of the game that are no longer viewable at all.)

I’m on Steam, too, if that makes any difference. Anyone else seeing this issue?

Yep, I have the same issue. I know most updates render old replays useless but confused as to why the mad thunder update has affected this.

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Well, at least now I know I’m not the only one. I would rather have the replays back to working like normal, but at least I now know there’s not something wrong on my end. Thanks!