Server Performance Issues

Whats wrong with the server stability lately?

For at least a week now me and my friends experience times of heavy packet loss, matches with delays between a kill shot and the enemy actually exploding and giving the kill (often 1 second - quite long already - but at one match up to 3 seconds!) and things like ending a match when tickets ran out but not getting any debriefing shown because the server still thinks the game would be running and I would have left earlier.

My connection is a 1,000 Mbps Fiber so I doubt the issue is on my end. Also the fact that my friends had similar experiences speak against it.

Edit: Tried to add a DxDiag but the new forum doesnt allow for it as a .txt isn´t a authorized filetype for uploads.

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Traffic switching by the data carrier (COGENT networks).

I’m working on getting approval to use company tools to show Gaijin why they’ll need to increase localisation of game servers.