Seriously why do ground vehicle crews scream that the tank is hit when they drown, instead of saying that the vehicle is drowning?

Seriously why do ground vehicle crews scream that the tank is hit when they drown, instead of saying that the vehicle is drowning?

They should instead say this


That’s gotta be a mod 😂

Should be panicked gurgling/trying to scream underwater noises

Sadly that will cause that stupid ‘age rating’ issue and hence won’t happen.

Would that really be cause for an age rating issue? Maybe add screams right before as the water gets into the HV electrical stuff for MBT and fries the crew, and then if any survive they are yelling “OH MY GOD” before making the drowning noises since they just watched their friends get electrocuted to death

Yeah, and the screen could go back too kinda like when you go into G-loc

That’s kinda unnecessary, no other killcam has your screen black out

Yeah, but if you are drowning, then oxygen is being cut off from your lungs, which causes you to lose consciousness, then eventually your brain loses oxygen too, and you die. But that may just be me and my crazy mind

Aren’t cams not really from crew perspective for ground? Why would killcam be. You are right about what happens to drowning ppl but blackout when you’re already dead is pointless

Well no, but you can say the same for 3rd person air.

I don’t mean the kill cam, just your screen. Like if I drove my tank into a 6ft deep river and my crew starts drowning the whole screen would fade to black like the screen when in G-loc. Except it goes all the way dark and doesn’t have light still in the middle of the screen.

Well, technically speaking you lose consciousness before you die, so it would kinda be like you lose consciousness after the timer runs out and then you die a few seconds later

Idk seems like a pointless addition of visual effects to an already rare death scenario

Yeah. But would be damn crazy to see though. Like just imagine that kinda scene in WT. Taking realism to a whole new level

It wouldn’t be very immersive unless it was from the crew members view though which currently doesn’t really exist

That’s also true, but it’s a step closer to it. Also in game we do have gunner, commander and driver. So unless you want something like loader idk what to say.

Also in sim it’s required you stay in those views so there’s also that

But gunner and commander are through optics which won’t black out from oxygen less. And that’s an even rarer scenario. IDC if it’s added or not but there’s def more important additions and changes they could make

Yeah, but they would, so that’s kinda what I’m getting at.

Yeah, I’m not saying this is more important than others, but you cannot deny it would be pretty cool addition. But you’re right about there being a lot more important ones

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