Serenity of the Snail is recruiting! -SOSN- 18+

Serenity of the Snail would love to have YOU! Do you enjoy competition but way on the casual side then over the fence and past the woods? Maybe you’re not too talkative but love an attempt at teamwork? Maybe you just want to feed the ever so hungry snail, but need a support group after the fact? Or is it the squadron vehicles you’re after and need a place to grind them? We understand! Look us up today and be underwhelmed!

Discord: Serenity of the Snail
(Serenity of the Snail is an 18+ Squadron)
(Microphone is not a requirement, but if you’re actively trying to play together then being able to listen is)

I have high hopes of organizing squadron battles and such, but I have stupid health problems that keep me from being too involved more times than not. It’s lame. But whether I’m around or not, the Discord is a place to find squad mates and hangout while the snail is fed our souls.