Separate button for flares and chaff release

If it is possible, I presume that most players would welcome a change like this.
It allows for us to conserve our countermeasures and be more precise with them.

Would you like to see a separate flares and chaff button?
  • yes
  • no

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This plus some newer generation aircraft (4.5 and 5th) have the ability to determine a missile type and alert the necessary countermeasure over the MAWS/DASS system. It would be a cool feature to see added to Betty and Rita and other national equivalents in the future.


that as well but also the fact that some aircraft such as the tornado have different amounts of flares and chaff in their dispensers (i heard it has like 56 flares and 1200 chaff)

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this and it would also be great if countermeasures wouldn’t be dropped as one per type per container. for example on the F-16A, there’s a total of 60 countermeasures, divided across 2 containers. which gives you 30 launches if you choose either standard or chaff. if you go for mixed, it will launch 1 chaff and 1 flare per container, so that’s 2 chaff and 2 flares per launch, which effectively gives you 15 launches in total, and considering the flare resistance of many missiles at top tier (not to mention the AIM-9M which is almost unflareable), you run through those 15 launches extremely quick when you’re engaged by multiple enemies. it would be much better if there would be only 1 chaff and 1 flare per launch if you go for mixed countermeasures, since you have 2 containers, so it should be possible that each container either has one type of countermeasures (so one has the flares, the other has the chaff) or just one of each type gets launched

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if i remember correctly… there was something about this either officially or unofficially, i do damn hope it is coming