Sensor vision rendering and new replay capabilities

In our game, we strive to reproduce all of the features of weapons and military vehicles that gives players a new and interesting experience. The more modern technology that comes under a player’s control, the more systems require mastering to effectively use this technology. Guided missiles, radar and other sensors require some knowledge that is not always available through the game. In order to solve this problem, we’ve decided to add the ability to see the operation of sensors and missile weapons using a new sensor vision system.

This system visualizes the operation of the radar, other sensors and various weapons and presents it to the player in a clear and understandable form. At the first stage of integrating this system into the game, it’ll be available to players in client and server replays. A new button will be added to the top of the replay control menu called “Sensor view”.

To change the render type in replay, click on “Sensor view”

In this mode, the visualization of the world changes — vehicles, the terrain, water and all other objects in order to conveniently monitor the progress of the battle; a display of the operation of the aircraft radar and weapon seeker is added. Special markers also appear containing new information — for vehicles this is the radial speed relative to the player’s vehicle, and for weapons the current flight parameters including the speed, lifetime, distance traveled, a current available overload, and angle of attack.

You’re able to customize the display of information using a set of filters, leaving data that’s most interesting to you at a given time.

This feature will be available for client and server replays, however we’d like to note that in order to optimize the size and traffic consumed, the client replay does not save all information about the progress of the battle.

The parameters of objects that are far away or not visible to the player may be recorded with less accuracy or be absent altogether. For example, a client replay contains information about the operation of the radar of only the client itself, as well as radars of those vehicles that track the player’s aircraft. The server replay however will store more complete information.

We’re hoping that this innovation will help you better understand what is happening in battle and improve your skills and abilities, and will also help us find various errors in the operation of missiles and sensors and quickly correct them.

In the future, we’re planning to expand this functionality and use it to create a new missile “kill camera”, which would allow the player to observe a fatal hit by an enemy missile from the moment of its launch to impact directly in battle.


Cool! Reminds me a bit of VRS’ TacView for their FSX/P3D based add ons…

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A suprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

oh i love this!

do we know when this will be added?
and do we have a timeframe of when its planned to be added to actual gameplay?

I guess it’s a very nice tool for people interested in replays. A lot of very advanced and cool options.

I personally don’t care because these days a single match feels so anecdotal that I don’t feel the need to go back to it.
Maybe it’s just me

its getting added to gameplay as well. replay is just a trial.

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This is the feature I’m looking most forward to. Thank you gaijin.

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but they are also adding it to gameplay in WT.

Actual gameplay?
Never they said it on dev stream. The best they will do is to give it to kill-cam and that what they said about it

They arent, where you get this. Even the devblog just mentions replays.


i don’t know what post you guys read but to me it’s very clear that its coming to gameplay later on and that the replay version is a sort of beta test.

it was available on dev as in game as well.

Judging from the fact the system also worked during live gameplay on the dev, it’s not too far fetched to think Gaijin might add this system to live gameplay as well (but probably heavily restricted to some modes like test drives/flights or custom battles). If they may add it to multiplayer matches it might for instance only show your own missiles/radar. Buuuuut, this is all just speculation and we will just have to see.

IMO the system is a bit too cool for it to be restricted to only replays, something I rarely use at least. So I hope Gaijin at least considers it.

that’s great to hear

on a side note is it possible to maybe optimize it a little bit ? when the label for a bomb or a missile is displayed, FPS tanks pretty heavily. Doesn’t happen for planes or ground units labels strangely enough.
or maybe there’s a technical explanation that would render such an optimization difficult to implement ?

still, imo an overall great improvement

Along with fuel slider, best addition this update. 👍🏻


Cant wait for someone to make WW2 Historical Aviation Documentaries using these lol

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@Stona_WT : is a wiki.warthunder page gonna be available soon about legends, colors of sensors, ect,ect?

Would be fairly useful for everyone.

I am sure our wiki team will prepare proper article soon.
First, the feature need to be implemented on live server :)