Semovente M8 HMC da 75 mm

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Description: The M8 HMC was an American self-propelled howitzer made in the Second World War on the M5A1 Stuart hull. The production of the M5A1 started back in 1944, replacing the World War II M3A1 production. The main differences compared to the previous model were the installation of a more powerful engine and the relocation of the radio in the turret. In the second world war, it was mainly used on the Pacific, European, and African fronts; basically, on every front, the USA fought. Even though it was considered pretty obsolete for the time being, it was still used everywhere because it was mass-produced. In 1944, a total of 6810 units were created, and they were used until 1947, when they were retired and put in reserve. After the war, various M5A1s remained in Italy; some of them were abandoned, and some others were given to the Americans. In 1948, the Italian army requested more M3A1 and M5A1 for arming its tank divisions and placed an initial requirement for 210 units. But the units received and restored were far more than the initial requirement, and the Italian army was able to get a total of 590 M3A1 and M5A1 with a lot of subversions. But their service with the Italian army didn’t last long, and in 1952 they were retired and replaced with the M24. One of these subversions was the M8 HMC, a small 75-mm armed howitzer developed from the M5A1. The Italian army got a total of 140 units of this version, and despite this, very little information is available on them. They were never used by operational divisions but only by experimental units for training, and they were decommissioned in 1956. Another very interesting piece of information about this tank is that apparently a single unit was fitted with an Italian-made 75/21 mm cannon. It also conducted a fire test campaign, though the results are not known.

Why it should be in game: It could give to the Italian tt a low tier mobile tank destroyer, it could be a good event/premium veichle.


Dimensions (L-w-h) 14.3x 7.5x 8.8 ft(4.4x 2.3x 2.7 m)
Total weight, battle ready 16.33 tons (32,600 lbs)
Crew 4 (driver, commander, gunner, loader)
Propulsion Twin Cadillac V8 16 cyl
220 hp, hydramatic transmission
Speed 36 mph (58 km/h) on-road
18 mph (29 kph) off-road
Range 100 mi (160 km at 30 km/h)
Armament Main : 3 in (75 mm) M2/M3 howitzer
Cal.50 (12.7 mm) Browning M1920
Armor From 0.3 to 1.7 in (9.5 to 44 mm)




75mm HMC M8
H.M.C. M8 "Scott" (1942)

(the only picture avaible in the one previously showed)


Of course! +1


no thank you for a regular m8hmc. The version with the italian made is welcome, especially if it doesn’t get the 50cal.

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Italy really doesnt need to be a USA 2.0 or china 2.0
The Unique 75mm L/21 without .50 cal is ok tho.

I don’t see why You are assuming it didn’t have it. All Italian M8 were equipped with it

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Thats what the dude above wrote.

Good work +1.


Yeah, about the 75/21 version… we are not sure that it can be proposed

yeah he is not correct at all

Idc, my point stands, italy does not need to become another c&p tree. There are absolutly more domestic 75mm gun vehicles. Which are far mor interesting.

The version with the 75/21 canon would be preferable.

Again, we are not sure it will be accepted because we have only one source

I know, im just saying that if its possible than I would like that. Otherwise there is no reason to add a bogstandard m8 to italy.

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I would have the standard M8 anyway