Semovente 75/18 Crew Increase

The Semovente 75/18 crew count is only 3 but it should be 4 crew base on the book of Encyclopedia of Military Vehicles. This means that the game did not add for the ammo, but I believe they should add 1 more crew but keep the amount of shells in the Tank.


Where would you put him?!? lol

Most sources and reference pictures show only 3 crew, which is typical for small early war SPGs.

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I also have only found that the crew number is three could you site what source you found the 4 crew for.

The crew was reduced to three men, however. The driver was at the front on the left side, with the loader behind him. The commander sat on the right side and he also had to aim and shoot the gun besides give orders to the crew. The loader also acted as the radio operator.

The medium tanks only had two crews for the gun and the Semovente doesn’t have a hull MG operator.

Pz III → 5 Crew
StuG III → 4 Crew

M13/40 → 4 Crew
Semovente → 3 Crew

so yeah it only has a crew of three.

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