Searching informations on the CEM-1 sneb rocket pod

Since the Alphajet is coming to the game for the next update, I was looking for what kind of weapons it could carry. I found this cool rocket pod :

Its name seems to be « CEM-1 » and is a 18x68mm sneb rocket pod that could carry as seen on the upper picture up to 400kg of additional payload (here a SAMP type 21 400kg bomb). However it is pretty hard to find infos about it on internet. My goal is to post this rocket pod as a suggestion if it isn’t added to the Alphajet when it comes out (for both France and Germany)

If you have any information about this pod, please, let me know! (even if it’s just pictures!)

The other pictures I found


My sources :


Under configurations mixtes/mixed configurations

Suggests each CEM-1 was approved to carry 18 SNEBs then either a 250kg bomb (with or without a ballute/r3tarding tail unit), 6x BAP 100s or 6x BAT-120s


smoke pods? this is something…

Yes for aerobatics. You can see the smoke pods carried under Patrouille de France’s Alpha Jets.
They have pipes running from the pod towards one of the two engine nozzles, that releases red, white or blue smoke compound. The aerobic smoke isn’t produced from the engine itself

The Red Arrows have similar on their Hawks while Frecce Tricolori’s MB339s have internal piping from smoke pods on the wings to a release valve above the engine

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I approve this to be added 👍, hopefully it is added


aww i thought it was some kind of aerial smoke screen deployer since its going to be a CAS jet.

The Alkan 74mm cartridge launcher can include chaff and flares from Alkan or 74mm shaped charge from Thomson-Brandt

This could bring flares or extra flares to some french planes


Super nice, can’t wait to see them on AlphaJet E, Mirage III, F1, etc. Could we have the right side descriptions? or maybe the full page view?

however aside from the “compatible” arguement did Germany ever used this type of pods? or any other country outside of France?

EDIT : nvm they do use them or were proposed for it at least :

what is your source? I will need it for the suggestion

EDIT : nvm i found it

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Got another picture for ya if needed