Search radar antenna bug

theres this bug where my gepard antenna wont go down after deactivating it, instead it just stops moving.

That issues are already reported.

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If only it was as important to fix as the load of Atomic Fart bugs they introduced.

Devs maybe just simply have not yet found the problem …

It is an interesting one seeing that it affects the retraction animations of all the SPAA radar dishes. This is a major bug as some SPAA are extremely vulnerable when engaging ground units with dishes sticking out.
Something changed that does not trigger/call the retraction animation - based on my experience with asset and software development this should not be hard to track down, unless your code base is a mess.

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There may also be an undesirable interaction with another system in the game that prevents radars from being lowered … they just have to find out what it is … and that could take a while …

Can anyone please show where this has been reported? I am astonished that a bug like this has not been fixed yet. I am noticing it in videos from content streamers as well and no-one seems to notice it, oddly.

If anyone is interested, this bug has been reported two months ago already:

I love how painful it has become to try and cap with the ZA-35 (when most teammates have quit already) and every cat and his dog can see your radar dish sticking out above buildings and you get destroyed by a HEAT round in the process. Can Gaijin please prioritise this issue?

Yes, it can be tricky to fix things and yes I do have development experience to understand and appreciate how these things work. The question is, where does this sit on Gaijin’s list of priorities?

New update with bug fixes released today, Many of these fixes contain minor UI issues and a number of gameplay bugs. Sadly, this issue with the SPAA radar antennae animations not working still has not been touched.

While many claims that Gaijin is aware of this bug, I find it very hard to believe that they do and still have not been able to fix it.

The bug is known.