Sea Planes Dive Into the Ground on Autopilot

How is it that the sea planes still dive into the ground when on autopilot?

Remember, you switched off primary guns, so I have to keep switching between ship and the sea plane. And guess what, when I leave the seaplane on autopilot, she tries to climb at 70 deg, runs out of energy and crashes down.

How is this not fixed? Why does a slow reconnaiscance biplane thinks she is a mig29 and can just climb at 70 deg? Don’t you read your logs to know that the sea planes die in droves like flies?

Come on, this state now is lazy worksmanship.

You just leave hydroplane auto mode just after it launches? They climb radically because it is programmed to climb to 50 meter altitude ASAP. So do not just leave it alone directly after, took more time to fly manually, reach altitude higher than 50 meters, than leave automatically. Then it will not climb radically.

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Thanks! Knowing how the plane algo works helped a lot.