Sea Harrier FA2 isnt great at 12.3

Harrier 1(9.7 airframe) at 12.3…
Carrys 6 missiles but you have to trade your guns to carry the center amraams
If you want to bring extra cms, you have to get rid of a sidewinder like why man,
Its not even good at cas either the Av8B+ is the same BR as it while being way better in every way possible, Harrier II airframe compared to FA2,has better gun,more missiles without having to trade for gun or countermeasures, at 12.3 like why man please move the Fa2 down. Thank you


Gaijin choose the worst possible again for an Allie Nation as always! Why not add the GR9 or the Super Harrier???

And Tornado is a brick so slow…So far from reality and his stats card + fuel for just go to mach 1.15 straight. I play mainly both Tornado and others in SIM, with the radar Marconi nerfed with “Head On” for all radar mod now + Super TEMP act like sparrow so a little crap and easy to notch/evade when that not miss. So iprefere again start grinding the Sea Harrier with his lower BR and a faaaar beter radar! Crap speed agility but Tornado too

Just an upgraded Gr7. No radar, no AMRAAM.

Does have HMS and we could get the Gr9A with a better engine over the Gr7. But it is essentially a Gr7.

Never existed unfortunately. Was just a proposal

Sea harrier FA2 is a GREAT addition. Just is in a terrible terrible state that is barely recognisable (much like our entire rank 8 line-up)

Im reserving judgement on the FA2 until we actually have the FA2 and the not the Harrier Gr3/FRS1 hyrbid we have currently.

But I think once things have settled down a little, we might be fine or we might make a good argument for 12.0


El Harrier FA2 aunque sea una mierda como avión ya esta muy roto de por si solo por llevar AMRAM 120, son 4 misiles 120, osea, son 4 kills fáciles y aseguradas contra otros aviones que ni siquiera tienen misiles de radar. Lo tendrían que subir a 12.7 como está por ejemplo el F4F ICE de los alemanes, fíjate que es el mismo F4F solo que tiene misiles AMRAMS y solo por eso lo subieron a 12.7, porque ese F4F es una mierda de avión y un ladrillo volador, lo único que lo salva son los misiles