Screenshots are not working?

This is not an easy problem to have evidence, but if i press F12 (Steam) to take a screenshot during a battle, for example, it automatically removes all of the HUD present at the moment (without me ever toggling the specific key needed for that).

For example, let’s say that i want to screenshot the statistics of my team because me and my friend are doing very good.
I press TAB to show the points, press F12 to get the screenshot. But once i go and see it, there’s nothing there other than what was in the background (my vehicle)

I roamed every option in the Settings, but nothing changed it.

Is there any way to fix it?

Check your controls settings. There’s two buttons, one for taking a picture with the overlay data, one without. Default on PC for with was F10, I believe.

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Yeah,apparently the game scribbled the command and put F12 as a non-HUD screenshot