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This might have been asked before, then very sorry for any re-posting. So I have read stuff on the web but replies are different and spans over a to long time frame, and I don’t don’t get any consensus.

Last year WT stopped working on my computer (refused to update itself). But I managed to get it going via Steam.

So, I don’t use the Steam account user log-in for the game but my old WT account (what ever this have to do with it).

Now the embarrassing part: I collect screen shots in WT, playing WT, with PrtScr key (as I have always done) and now when I needed to find a particular incident I realize to my dismay that playing through Steam, Steam use the F-12 for this (I’m not into steam with all functions and stuff, I just down load and play games).

…A, Am I screwed?

Howdy! I’ve just tested it myself and was able to find that if you use shift+PrtScr you can take screen shots in game (better than ones through steam). I was not however able to just use PrtScr. Sadly, if you just pressed PrtScr then you will not have any screen shots. Sorry about that :(

Edit: Just thought about this. If you can remember whenever what you are looking for happened you can go into replays and take screenshots there. And you can get more/better screenshots since you can control more things

This isn’t a real solution as that’s the windows printscreen function and that requires you to take the screenshot then fire up paint, paste it, then save it.

It only uses the clipboard.

The better solution is to fix the war thunder install, or, instead of launching the game through steam, run the launcher in the game folder directly.

With regards to the OPs install issue, I’d say it’d be the firewall stopping it, as commonly networks re-allocate themselves to public if they are unplugged enough or have things changed, and that would lead to the permissions and firewall setup finding that it won’t be allowed to connect.

What? I didn’t say it was a solution, I said that’s what I had found and that it was a way to take screenshots.

It is a windows function and it’s launched through paint, but you don’t have to resave it once it’s taken. I literally have it saved and all I had to do was press Shift+PrtScr.

No it doesn’t it saves to your screenshot file

I didn’t really give a solution, just alternatives and a possible solution.

The OP literally stated that when they tried running it through regular download and it stopped working. I understand that most people don’t like playing it through steam, but if that’s there only option to get it running at the time you got to do what you got to do… The OP was also asking if they were “screwed” because they used the wrong key binding to take screenshots, not how to get it working again…

The real solution is to actually fix the war thunder install by figuring out why it’s not working, rather than switching and changing to avoid fixing it.

Shift-Prtscn doesn’t save the picture, it’ll only put it into the clipboard. Windows + Prtscn does.

All right. Finally I think I managed to figure it out.

Though one can save screenshots in Steam using F12 and add them to the steam cloud (?) the RrtScr key actually still works but places them in Steams WT directory on the hard drive instead of in Steams interface.

So Steam F12 (possible with some setting) places them under the screen grabs in the Steam interface (I don’t have the english Steam version so I cant give proper terms).

The PrtScr places them in the WT folder in Steam

(drive:)// program(x86)/steam/steamapps/common/warthunder/screenshots

And Non-steam WT pure install places PrtScr in

(drive:)//user/(username)/appdata [hidden folder]/local/WarThunder/screen shots

Thanks mates for the replies.

That, is likely a root cause of your trouble with the vanilla install… Set it’s folder to something else rather than the default.

I have no idea why they think they should default install to %appdata%, I force mine to another drive G:\WarThunder kind of thing.

Also if you run antivirus, exempt the game folder. (I’d do a clean install of the gaijin installer to another folder after clearing out the appdata one)

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