Scout drones are not balanced

We don’t know whether the rounds would fuze because the drone is a small target IRL…

…but, in game, the shells burst but the hit detection is incredibly spotty. I shoot at them with the Begleitswagen and it’s one of the more ammo consuming targets. Even Puma which can lock it takes like half a dozen ‘hits’ to take it down.

Scout drones are the most armored vehicles in the air behind the SU’s lol. The amount of 50cal and 20mm rounds they take is absurd lol

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So, me the pictures of the drones militaries used in the 1950s please. I have had a hard time finding any.

War Thunder doesn’t take place in the 1950s, it takes place today.
It’s a war games sim.

War Thunder takes place from the 1910’s all the way up to modern times.

No it doesn’t.
It has vehicles that were originally made during those years, it does not take place during those years.

The drone is more likely to be about balance than historicity.

Well, that’s a funny take. Have you looked at the maps in War Thunder? Those are some mighty old vehicles for it to be taking place during the present like you say.

War games can include vehicles from any time.

If it takes place today than why do we still have vast differences in technology where Russia can get modern equipment and missiles whilst NATO has to fight with things 20-30 years older against them

Technically accurate, except unlike irl they havent run out of modern stuff to use-


Because the other tech trees dont have stuff at the level. The tech used in game is limited by the nation with the weakest tech.

That still doesn’t explain why NATO falls short in various categories with inferior weaponry when better weaponry is available.

Only place they are falling short is in spaa. I dont know too much about what they can add since the US took the route of having the systems separate. But i am sure there is something that could be added.

Another is missiles, when Russia gets perfectly straight flying beam riding missiles and NATO gets wire guided TOW that likes to do everything but fly straight.

Does the US have missile that are beam riding?

Thought they only used wire and laser for the non-fnf atgms.

Not beam riding, but TOWs that don’t performs like complete ass… even the basic TOWs shouldn’t be as bad.

It’s actually not true, we have some mobile systems, and they’ve been outlined and lobbied if you check US SPAA want threads.