Scharnhorst radio station is in the wrong place

this is what I found during fighting with Scharnhorst. I shoot this place and he still controls the ship. so I looked at the X-ray and saw this! how the radio is there and the bridge is here?

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The bridge module is usually located in the armoured conning tower.

how this is the bridge

and this is radio station

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It’s simply wrong, and the the radio module should be behind 2nd turret’s powder magazine.

Will the next update (not major) fix this or not? If that did, why did they make this model in the first place, and why did the model fit so well with the wall of the tower?


The whole ship is in the wrong place at battle-rating 7.0

Fair winds, Fleur

still a bridge is radio model lol where is Ship’s wheel or this ship doesn’t need ship’s wheel?

image from Dev server.

Irrelevant. Internal modules are not required to be accurate.


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so that mean it isn’t Bridge