Scharnhorst changes in new update

Anyone have a clue what this actually means from a practical or gameplay standpoint?

  • Scharnhhorst — corrections made to the armor and internal modules.
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not actually. That changes seems to be done in bridge’s corridor, which almost means nothing

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Apparently that just did something since Scharn is just indestructible.

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That’s not new, or consequence of the recent changes.


idk about indestructible… my first scharn match ever, i got 1 tapped by a 152mm shell from the literal first salvo ever fired at my brand new ship.

I havent played her since and I literally quit naval because of it

When was it? Seems like it was when HE bug was severe. Now it is much relieved.

That is a one in a million shot. It simply doesn’t happen anymore. It’s the hardest ship to kill in the game because of well-protected magazines and turtleback armor.

You can literally sail into the middle of a pack of other battleships and cruisers and pick them off one at a time. The only chance they have is to try to flood you with the new mechanic and even that is hard without good torpedoes.

In 304 respawns, I have maybe had 12 ammo detonations, 20 flooding deaths (after the new mechanic), 1 or 2 crew deaths (that’s extremely difficult) and the rest have been torpedo kills from long range mostly from Japanese ships.

That’s still a 12-1 K/D ratio, and this thing can carry entire matches. If you really want to play a broken ship, come back and play the Scharnhorst before it moves up to 8.0 when that arrives.


Might have to try the scharn again then lmao

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Yeah, it’s basically like cheating right now. Nothing can defeat you outside of torpedoes. Just sail right into the middle of the fire and absorb 1,000s of shots while picking off the enemy 1 by 1. lol

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