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Samsung-Bell SB427M



The SB427M is an attack helicopter version of the SB427, a joint product between Samsung and Bell, for the Korean Army. This helicopter project appears to have been canceled while one SB427 was being converted to an SB427M. There is already a precedent for the F-16AJ and Ho-Ri in War Thunder, so it will not be much of a problem.



In 1995, Korea started the KMH (Korean Multi-Role Helicopter) 95 project to reinforce its aging helicopter fleet. Samsung Aerospace proposed an attack helicopter variant of the SB427, which was previously developed in collaboration with Bell. The modification and development proceeded smoothly, but the foreign exchange crisis struck Korea in 1997 and the cancellation of the KMH 95 project in 1998, permanently halting the development of the SB427M. It was canceled while only a portion of the prototype was built, and Samsung Aerospace was merged into KAI along with other aircraft developers, so little information remains. We can only infer what the finished version would have been like by looking at the model of the Sacheon Aerospace Museum and the text and conceptual diagrams published in several papers.

Technical Data


Specification (Estimation)

Length: 12.9m
Width: 2.9m
Height: 3.23m+@
Max GW: 2.88t+@
Engine: 2 Γ— PW 207D (2 Γ— 720SHP)
Max Speed: 259km/h

Armament (Planned)

12.7mm Gunpod
4 Γ— AIM-92 Stinger
4 Γ— AGM-114 Hellfire
4 Γ— BGM-71 TOW
38? Γ— Hydra 70





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