Saw an M48 had to stop and shoot it

I was driving through a small town called Wadena in northern Minnesota (USA) and I saw this tank.

Had to stop and get a few pictures.


I love driving around and just seeing tanks and aircraft like this just sitting around. I go on lots of road trips and see quite a few.

Recently I was up at the Citadel, a college in SC, and they have a Sherman, F4 phantom, a marine amphibian landing craft of some sort as well as about a dozen artillery pieces on campus. They have other stuff but I can’t remember them all. Anyways the tour guide was telling us a story about the Sherman. Like 20ish years ago, apparently some engineering students were able to get it started and drove it around the parade deck😂. The tour guide also told us about how around the same time (I think, I heard these awhile ago) some students from the battery company shot a que ball out of one of the cannons and put a dent in one of the buildings😂

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Down in Rush City there’s a M60 parked across the quick trip

Somewhere (i forgot the town) south of Saint Cloud there’s an AH-1G and a 122mm Howitzer

The only other one I’ve sen around Minnesota is the M60 parked next the museum in superior (duluth wanna be)

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