SAV Spam

Ever since the Sav 20.12.48 became available to buy again, I have noticed many players spamming them. I usually see 3 to 5 players using it. Gaijin should really move this thing up in br to 4.3 or nerf it, but I don’t see that happening as it is a premium vehicle.


unless KV1 and M4A2 move to higher BR, there is no reason to move such a TD to such a high BR


They wont move it to 4.3, sweden has nothing there. Its part of the sale spam so just learn how to fight it and carry HE and .50cals


Atm it deserves to go to about 4.0 due to lineups, but it could easily go to 6.7/7.0 if it got accurate HEAT/APDS and HE-VT.

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What are you talking about? 4.0 there is just a T34, and it only has 92mm pen, it is a naval gun, and only has APHE and HE

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Use your armor, keep an ear and eye open.
Simple as.
SAV is a rather mid vehicle all things considered.
Its pen is less than that of KV-1E, it has no armor, it’s open top.
Like the only thing it has going for it is the reload… that’s it.

Every single 4.0 TD is vastly superior to the SAV.


And it’s speed. It is very fast. I’d consider it much better in some scenarios than the 3 TDs sweden has at 4.0.

The Sav should at least go to 4.0, the combo of good speed, good reload, and a guaranteed one-shot kill is too good for 3.7. It’s biggest weakness seems to be T-34s and Kv-1s because of its below average penetration.


4.0 has a l o t for the swedes.

Pvkv m/43
Pvkv II
Ikv 103
And the aformebtioned T-34

It has ~96mm of pen with a bonkers reload and six hundred grams of TNT on an extremely mobile chassis.



Even T-34s are easy to deal with due to the turret cheeks imo. I only find issues with shermans and KV-1Es tbh.

4.0 should be fine for it until they give it accurate ammo and move it up to ~6.7 or 7.0

I never knew it had different ammo types available, it would be awesome if it got them.

The later T-34s are the biggest issue for the Sav, the early ones are easy to kill.

Its a shortened L/50, so it should get HE-VT, APDS, and on the old forum someone who had docs for it said HEAT (?)

Fascinating vehicle tbh.

SAV is not fast for a lightly armored vehicle.
M24 Chaffee is eh, and SAV is slower than that.
SAV is fine at 3.7, as someone who will never buy it cause it’s mid at best at 3.7.
I’ve died to exactly one this year, and maybe one last year.
And you can see my statcard to check for 4.0 and 3.7 lineups I play; Hint: Italy, Germany, USA, Soviets, French.

SAV’s biggest weakness is all 4.0 medium and heavy tanks, and all 3.7 tanks controlled by an aware player.
It’s a open top case mate that has among the lowest penning ballistic capped ammo for case mates at its BR.

BT-7 F-32 is 3.7, a superior tank.
M24 Chaffee I mentioned earlier is still 3.7 despite all of its contemporaries being 4.0 or 4.3.

A turret in an enclosed crew compartment with more pen firing ballistic capped ammo just like the SAV… with a turret.

The difference between a good SAV player and a good M4A2 player is the M4A2 player will never die to a SAV, but the SAV will always die to every Sherman controlled by an as-good player.

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Much better acceleration, better reverse speed.

Also M24 chaffee is meh is the worst take I have heard this year lol


With what reload exactly? SAV has a 1.2s reload, plenty enough to get several shots off before you can even turn your turret. I mean- by all means, go put it lower…

I dont mind the free rp, just lemme know when you have had enough of 2.7 SAV sealclubbing :)


I mean, it has a good reload, and that’s about it…

Only 95mm of pen. Open top. No armor. I guess the mobility is decent.

Mobility is excellent and reload is stupid, plus it will oneshot.

Worthy of 4.0 rn, 6.7/7.0 with accurate ammo.


If they add it’s APDS and HE-VT, I’d be more than game to put it at 5.7+

The APHE, while being an absolute bomb, doesn’t like angled armor.

It has a lower top speed, but incredible acceleration. I’d put it on par with the M24.
You haven’t played it, but you think you know better than people who have played it?
You died to only one because they aren’t common tanks.

I agree with its weaknesses.

The Sav has good mobility, and an insane reload. This alone should push it up in BR. It is atleast equal to all the other swedish 4.0 TDs, if not better.

It still has better pen than the soviet tanks at that BR, which being a guaranteed one-shot kill if you pen a tank.

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If it gets HEAT…

Well then we will have some fun as heavy tank players come to the forums to rage.

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Oh man, German mains beware!

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