Sav 20.12.48 must be nerfed, Just PTWinning the game too much

I’m stopping playing warthunder for the simple reason of this tank in the game. Time and time again it is absurd to try to play with Americans, English or Germans if the enemy is Sweden. As soon as you start you will find PTW players with sav 20.12.48 with fronts full of PTW camos who will shoot you without requiring skill, because they can shoot you 4 times before you reload. How long will this stupidity last?

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Driving around with the KV-1 (ZiS-5) blasting the SAV while it screams at me every 1.2 seconds


the sav would be at its place at BR 6.3

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The SAV can be overpressured by nearly any HE shell. For example, you can reverse sidescrape a corner with a SAV in front of you and slap some HE on its track the second you see the first pixel of it. That should be an instant kill.


Lmao what,93 mm pen round point blank at 6.3? You are insane. Can literally strafe SAV with any 7.62 mg with plane or just kill it with regular machine guns from front aswell.

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correct - exactly like the many vehicules at this BR who can still pen most vehicules (M109, PT76, etc… with a 12.7 of course, not a 7.62, but at those BR that’s what you find most anyway)… and those don’t have nowhere near the same fire rate.

M109 fires 9kg TNT HE relying on different things and not pure penetration,PT-76 is 5.3 btw and still have over 100 mm point blank,and also gets 200? mm HEATFS.


With HEAT/APDS? Maybe.
Not rn, though.

SAV 20.12.48 have always been an easy kill for any sherman or T-34 (they are also very loud, you can hear them coming from 100s of metres away), don’t worry about it.

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There are no pay to win vehicles in war thunder.

The sav is just undertiered and really annoying. It is also really easy to kill.

Le glass cannon indeed. An absolute menace, but dies at a sneeze.

While i do agree that SAV is incredibly under tiered, it is also incredibly easy to kill (provided you are not in some light tank with zero armor and long reload after whiffing the first shot)

usually any shell will one shot a SAV from most angles, you can also overpressure them extremely easily by just shoot he at even the edges of them.

Also most sav players are quite dumb and does not recognize weakspots, so it is very easy to kill them in shermans/t34s

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Ironically, I think the SAV is more frustrating to use at its own BR than intentionally taking it much higher. Shermans spamming .50cals, T-34s and KVs being bounce houses that often shrug off the AP while the HE is unreliable even with overpressure, paired with how often Sweden fights Russia, means that most times I use the Ikv 103 in 4.0 decks first instead of the SAV.

I get way more satisfaction using the SAV at 5.7, 6.7, or hell even 8.0+ to slaughter the plague of Marders, BMPs, Bradleys, ATGM haulers, and surprisingly even a ton of various medium tanks. T-54s are tricky, IS-3s and IS-4Ms are immune, the Maus is mostly immune save for overpressure bugs that are unreliable, but just about everything else is killable with the AP.