Saur 2 APC

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What Nation should Saur 2 be added to?
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How should it be implemented?
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The Saur 2 is an Armored Personnel Carrier is a private venture developed by ROMARM for export, and possibly service as Romania’s modern APC, first revealed publicly in 2008. the design aimed to be an overall improvement over their previous Saur 1 design. However unlike the Saur 1, or any other wheeled APC Romania has built up to that point which is based off of soviet doctrine, thus sharing many similarities to Soviet BTRs, whereas the Saur 2 shares many similarities to western APCs, as it was built to according to NATO standards. Unfortunately for the Saur 2, as of right now, it hasn’t been successful on the export market, and though the Romanian Army had announced that it may request 50 units to be produced in 2013, no production orders were actually made, as they had instead chosen the Piranha IIIC

The differences between the two vehicles is very noticeable. (Image above is the Saur 1, image below is Saur 2)

The Saur 2 is an 8x8 fully amphibious APC, relying on two rotors to propel it through the water. It is able to carry 9 personnel not including the crew. the frontal armor is able to withstand 14.5mm machine gun fire, and the underbelly is able to withstand 6 kg of TNT equivalent explosives on the underside, and 8 kg of TNT under under the wheels. The Saur 2 was also designed to be able to equip applique armor packages to improve its protection levels. The Driver is located to the front left of the vehicle, the engine compartment to his right, and the turret being located in-between the driving/engine compartment, and troop compartment.

The Saur 2 is designed to be armed with a wide selection of weaponry based on the desired roll, anywhere from 7.62mm machine gun, 120mm mortar, all the way up to a 30mm autocannon to serve as an IFV. The one I am suggesting utilizes a turret with a 25mm Oerlikon Autocannon, and 3 ATGM launchers, both located on the left side of the turret. Gunners sight is located on the very front of the turret, spherical in shape, allowing it to have excellent elevation, and the commanders sight being located on the top of the turret, mounted to also allow for excellent elevation, the vehicle of course has night vision and thermal imaging, however it isnt stated what generation of thermals is equipped. This was done to complament the Autocannon which is mounted in such a way to allow it to also have great elevation, making it more capable of engaging aircraft if close enough, consequently, the gun doesnt appear to have good gun depression, Id guess around -10 degrees at most. For active defence, the Saur 2 has a Laser Warning Receiver, and 6 smoke launchers, 3 on the turret rear, and 3 on the right side of the turret.

I managed to find slightly more information about the turret on this thing. Apparently its called the UMWP unmanned turret made by South African company IST Dynamics as part of a proposal to modernize some Algerian BMP-1s. Beyond that I can’t find any reliable information about this turret outside of South African, and Algerian forums.
Image above shows the turret mounted onto a BMP-1

Why it should be added to the game:

When and if a Romanian sub-tech tree is added, they won’t have many upper tier vehicles to complement whatever nation they are paired to, this would fit nicely around the 10.0 spot as a fast, and deadly IFV, giving a solid boost in effectiveness to the lineup.


Length: 7.7m, Width: 2.95m, Height: 2.2m, Ground Clearance: 0.45m, Mass: 17.6 t (weight likley not accounting for turret)

Engine: 360hp diesel, Power to Weight Ratio: 20.3hp/t

Max speed: 100km/h (~62.1mph) and 10km/h (~6.2mph) in water, Gradiant: 60%, Side Slope: 30%, Vertical Step: 0.5m, Trench: 2m, Fording: Amphibious

1x 25mm Oerlikon Autocannon, 3x ATGM launchers, 1x 7.62mm coaxial, 6x 76mm Smoke launchers

Gunner/Commander sight: Night Vision and Thermals, Driver sight: Night Vision, Laser Rangefinder, and Laser Warning Receiver

STANAG 4569 Level 2 (Ballistic, and Anti-Mine)

3: Gunner, Commander, Driver



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As much as I would love to see Romanian vehicles be implemented in War Thunder, I’d have to say -1 to this suggested variant.

The autocannon + ATGM turret is only a mock-up and I thus don’t think it belongs in the game.

Romania always goes to Italy. That’s a given! +1

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There are plenty of fake tanks which have been added to WT, yes many have been removed, but others havent. The best example i can think of is the Ho-Ri Prototype, which unlike this thing, whose turret is the only mock part, the Ho-Ri is a mockup tank.

And the Production variant is even worse because in this case, your essentially taking a wooden mockup, and saying it was approved for production

Which is why i made this suggestion