SARH modes for SPAA

In real life, the SACLOS SPAA we have in game (most of them) had automatic lead for their missiles.
In game, this feature is only available to the Pantsir and Tor-M1.
Below is a list of SACLOS SPAA that do not have this feature irl:

  • Roland 1

Below is a list of SACLOS SPAA that do have this feature irl:

  • XM975
  • FlaRakPz
  • FlaRakRad
  • ITO-90M (French + Swedish)
  • ADATS (American + British)

Note: Lists may be incomplete

Since optical guidance and tracking was always the secondary mode of guiding a missile, the primary method should be implemented for these systems


Automatic lead in its current for is not as good as LOS mode but it would be nice if it came to game for all SPAA.

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In have it should just work like SARH missiles do but gaijin won’t add that feature.
There was a bit report for it iirc.
Only issue is… a better SARH mode will benefit all SPAA including the Pantsir…

Believe me, manual lead is better.

Even for the FlaRakPz?
That thing really suffers if you know what i mean…

It has pros and cons, whats important is to know when to use what.

Automatic lead is great vs jets flying at high angular rates with little maneuvering, common when theyre either trying to survey the battlefield or post launch for laser guided munitions.

Mouse guided is great when enemy vehicles are flying erratically or very low. It prevents wastes of energy and avoids the missile throwing itself into the ground or other hard structures.

Theres also certain SAM’s better suited to auto-lead, namely the Tor-M1, due to its long burning motor, giving it a lot of energy to play with even against longer ranged targets

Thing is… i have only the flarakpz rn and to dodge its roland 3 missile all u gotta do is one deflection roll and the missile will miss unless i somehow have guided it without radar or irst lock.
Granted its limited to 20G but i seldom get any air kills with it. Ive had more luck with the gepard at 10.7 than the flarakpz.
I still take this out thought because 2 km extra engagement range plus saclos is good anaginst helis… thats pretty much it

Half straightening has nothing to do with automatic lead. Pantsir and Tor don’t have auto lead in game. You can make them automatic lead missile to target only if you fire 2 missiles at 2 different targets so first will be guided automatically, but second still manually, but that’s very rare in game to use.

i guess this is not warthunder then…

That’s not automatic lead. He holds sight on target manually.

Broski his sight is on target, he locked the target, and the missile takes intercept course of its own.
What do you call that?

Only Russia can get such technologie, no other nation is allowed, glory to the motherland!!!