SARH Missiles Failing to Track - Only a problem ince Atilla

Really starting to get frustrated. Don’t really have a replay to point to but Atilla made SARHs track really questionably, then the patches started to progressively decrease their efficacy to the point that they’re wasted pylons. I cannot find documentation on changes to SARH missiles, so I am curious why this has started happening only recently. Especially when others are not reporting a similar issue. I have not changed how I’ve used them.

Does anyone else have this problem since the “Alpha Strike” patch?

It’s getting really frustrating now.

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Yes ever since alpha strike update, I have had massive issues with radar, missiles acquiring lock, and all missiles tracking anything outside of gun range…most come off the rail and start wobbling then explode, or the lock circle on HUD starts to drift and the missiles will follow that…also noticed most radar guided missiles fire, them my aircraft switches the lock to the missile itself…I only play SiM and I’m on Xbox if that matters