SARC Mk3 (3.7cm PAK)

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By September 1940 the UDF (Union Defence Force) set out to deign a new armoured car with heavier armour and a shorter wheel base, this new armoured car would be know as the SARC Mk3 (South African Reconnaissance Car). The Mk3 was powered by a Ford V8 engine and featured a shorter wheelbase in order to save weight and increase mobility. The General configuration of the vehicle remained similar to the SARC Mk2, although the angles of the armour had been improved and a new octagonal turret was designed to replace round turret found on the older Mk1 and 2’s. The armament fitted on the SARC Mk3’s varied, depending on the turret which was fitted. The SARC Mk3 was usually seen equipped with a .55 Boys anti-tank gun as its primary and a .303 Bren machine gun or a .303 Vickers machine gun as a secondary. However, as the war went on it was found the Boys anti-tank gun was struggling to penetrate enemy armour, this led to numerous Mk3’s being up gunned usually with captured weapons of which there was a sufficient number. For this forum post we will focus on the SARC Mk3’s equipped with a 3.7cm PAK. During World War Two the 4th SA Armoured Car Regiment would remove the turret on their Mk3’s and mount the captured 3.7cm PAK anti-tank guns on to the vehicle, allowing the regiment to engage more heavily armoured threats.




Armament: one 3.7cm PAK

Ammunition: APHE, APCR

Crew: 3 (driver, commander, gunner)

Engine: Ford V8

Horsepower: 95hp

Transmission: Manual (4 forward, 1 reverse)

Drivetrain: 4x4

Top Speed: 88km/h


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Secondary Sources:

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