Sachsen Problems?

Interesting addition of Sachsen, the unfinished Bayern-class. However, it seems to not be modelled correctly, mainly in the engine x-rays.

The engine x-ray is identical to Bayern, even though the main distinguishing feature of Sachsen was the 12 000 hp diesel engine that was to power the central shaft. Along with only having 9 large boilers.

as you can see it’s identical

I’ve read in a few books that it was decided to provisionally build Sachsen with steam turbines for all shafts and retrofit it later, but on this forum thread
Diesel engine in "Sachsen"? - NavWeaps Forums, one user quotes a document from the British Archives that states:

“Main Machinery was complete except a special large 12,000
H.P. Diesel Engine for the middle shaft which was in the
Erecting Shop”

which seems to imply that the ship was built with the provisions for the diesel engine rather than any provisional turbines.

Also from an issue of Warship International, From Ironclads to Dreadnoughts on JSTOR

States that the diesel engine was almost complete in 1915, and for the question of the all-turbine provision, states that it was “Ersatz-Kaiser Wilhelm II” (that is, its sister Wurttemberg), that was to be constructed as fast as possible with the diesel exchanged for a turbine.

A few weeks later the times had changed completely. On 2 August 1914 Tirpitz gave orders to construct Ersatz-Kaiser Wilhelm II. as expeditious as possible exactly according to the plans of Ersatz-Kaiser Friedrich III. with the exception of the mixed propulsion exchanged with an all-turbine plant.

Part of the armour also seems incorrect.

The conning tower seems to be wrong, as the one we have is a copy of Bayern’s, but in the sketch it looks to have been uparmoured, roof 170mm, front 400mm.


The developers do not strive for photorealism when it comes to the internal modules, unfortunately. But I also doubt that there is any available plan showing the inboard profile with the diesel engine fitted.

By the way, do you have page 297 in the same quality as Sachsen’s diagram here?

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Unfortunately not, seems the image was heavily compressed for the journal.


Ah, fair! Thanks anyway!


Sorry for the ping. Do you have the previous volumes of W.I. with the articles about the German dreadnoughts and their development?

Yea. I even got the book which is just all the journals collected together (bruh).

Oh, wow. That’s awesome!

May I ask for your help in sharing the armour diagrams for Nassau and Helgoland?


Thank your for the scans. Appreciated!🫡