SAAF JAS-39C Technical Data and Discussion

Yeah but they don’t take them from you mate stop trying to strawman because Gajin won’t listen to your infinite wisdom

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Only that he doesn’t make up anything and then claims it to be true


And what I invented, I made a calculation and got approximate figures.

Pair launch or solo it’s balanced decision (Like non-working radio sights) оr the implementation of some technical features?

Unsure. For BOL F.3 Late is single, FA.2 is paired. That being said F.3 has proper controls for its BOL, FA.2 used the airbrake button, so while raised you would flip the switch from neutral to “up” and BOL would dispense.

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I meant standard countermeasures, not those that can be added or removed. Those that are installed in the fuselage. For example, on the Mirage 2000C-S4 there are two countermeasure blocks. One for 16 large countermeasures and one for 18 small ones. All are launched one at a time. IF. Different types of countermeasures have been selected for different blocks. But if only flares are loaded, then large countermeasures are launched one at a time, and small ones - two at a time.
The Kfirs launch countermeasures one at a time.
The Su-27 has 96 major countermeasures that are launched one at a time.
There’s some kind of mess on Grippen. When the BOLs are removed (12 large countermeasures under the wing are considered to exist even when they are visually absent), then the algorithm is as follows: upper plus lower block, upper single, upper single, underwing (3 times until they run out, although there should be 6 launches), then repeat the cycle.
My question is, is the dual launch of fuselage countermeasures a technical feature, a bug or a balance solution?

In theory, on the Tornado GR/IDS, the BOZ should also launch countermeasures one at a time. But we have double launch

What sausage jerry rigged that together?

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Its in the manual as well haha, ran out of switches in the cockpit I guess.


Should’ve just bought a larger keyboard then.

So then what did they do when they actually wanted to pull the airbrake back up?

If I recall the airbrake wasn’t used with BOL (unless absolutely needed) due to the fact it would start dispensing.

Bug report time?

You want to turn airbrake into a flare dump?

For historical accuracy sake


Btw if somebody wants to help make the thread info feel free :)

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Yes, they disabled the anti-satelite mode

The game lacks MAW JAS-39C for all versions. I have written about this on the forum many times but my messages were deleted. Please pay attention to this.


There are some (pretty big) fox 3 changes coming up apparently, everything (aside from MICA?) is getting the loft changed to 20+ degrees (similar to the old Derby/Darter lofting) and they’re all getting range timetables changed, it’ll be interesting to see how it affects things