SAAF JAS-39C Technical Data and Discussion

Is it just me having a seizure or are gripen canards in game moving in the opposite direction of what they should be?

You’re not having a seizure, or a stroke. The entire flight model is wrong.

Gaijin has implemented the aircraft as statically stable until they can fix their physics engine and instructor.


It’s certainly modelled as a stable aircraft with the elevator (or whatever the terminal part of the delta wing is) controlling the pitch, but that does not prevent them getting canard animation right lol

Cannards aren’t modeled correctly

That’s not modeled correctly either, to maintain level flight at low airspeeds the ‘elevator’ (trailing edge flaps) should deflect downwards. As should the leading edge flaps and canard.

In-game there is no instability in the Gripen FM at all.

Made before discussion starts happening here again

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I know, I was just saying that the animation could have been gotten right while fm behaviour is wrong… let’s take this to the other thread anyway, mine was just a “cosmetic” question


Cool video, I wish in warthunder we got more realistic cockpit (with real life looks and instruments modeled), especially for sim.

Weapons for the Gripen that was shown to India

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Nice find!

Really hope we get the RBS-15 at some point, along with RB-04

2 IRIS-T 2 ASRAAM and 2 METEOR? Yes sir!

Why i can’t i just find derby mounted

Interesting photo of a Gripen


I find a lot of cool photos scouring through the Swedish sources

Mounted upside down for testing antennas
Screenshot 2024-03-17 at 23.28.06
Fighter jet airbag lol
Screenshot 2024-03-17 at 23.29.46
Screenshot 2024-03-17 at 23.29.59
High alpha tests

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“The LAU-139 for the Gripen is also a variation of the LAU-127 Launcher.”


Images of CRL/MRL/LAU-139 on Gripen.





Nice find!

Just for clarification, those are BOL pods too right? Just based off the pictures

Basically yeah BOL rails while using AMRAAMS or Derby (R darter)

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Just to show prove of that


Cool, Andre Brännström is a G