SAAF Aircraft Speculation Thread

Hey, guys. With the South African Gripen being added, and all indications pointing toward any future SAAF additions ending up in the British tech tree, I thought it would be fun to see what we might expect in the coming months for South African air power, if anything. What do you think is the most likely to be added? What do you want to see? And where do you think it will end up?

I’ll start: at this point, I imagine SAAF aircraft will mostly be backfill. The Cheetah is a pretty popular pick, and I think it would go nicely between the Hunter and Phantom FGR.2, especially considering we now have an SAAF aircraft capping off that tech line. However, my guilty pleasures are the Mirage III and F1 families that South Africa operated. I’ll admit, sticking a Mirage in an existing tech line would be rather garish, but the Mirage IIIR2Z (which I suggested shameless plug) would fit pretty nicely in the “interceptor” line in the gap between the Lightning and Tornado. I don’t really know what to expect in terms of future additions, so I’m going to play it safe and say it’s not impossible that we get the Buccaneer S.50 at some point, since it’s not all that different from the S.2 but is still pretty unique.

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A Premium SAAF Buc could be good.

I mean, I guess. The last thing we need is more premiums littering the 9.X graveyard though, I was thinking more of a squadron/event vehicle or maybe even foldered in the tree


The Mirage F1AZ would be a fun strike aircraft with indigenous AAMs, MAWS and countermeasures. Very little guided weapon capability though so it would be more of a bomb sled like the WTD 61 Tornado is right now. Unlike that Tornado though, it’s a Mirage F1 so you could actually use it in a fight, and the V3C missiles with HMD are pretty potent. I’m thinking of making a suggestion over the next few days