Saab J35XS

Please tell me what the developers smoked when they put the draken xs on br 10.7? This is literally an airplane to take from br-a 9.7, which was given 12 flares (which will not help in any way from 2 or more missiles) In most cases, this aircraft plays against 11.3 premium aircraft, which in any case have better missiles, better outboard weapons and corny a lot more LTCs, and LTX aircraft are corny BETTER than draken’s.

Let’s banally compare 2 aircraft with a difference in br 0.3: the Finnish mig21 and the Saab j35xs. Rockets:
And what do we see? Mig21 wins, of course

False Heat Targets: 12 vs 64: Mig wins

Flight characteristics of aircraft:
And here, too, mig21 wins.

And now let’s imagine that this is a br spread of only 0.3. The plane is ALWAYS played against 11.3-11.7, since this is a popular br due to the prem aircraft of other nations.
In order for this aircraft to be playable on this br, you either need to give it all-angle missiles or do machinations with the br: Limit the search to 11.0 or reduce it to 10.0.
It is impossible to swing a branch of Swedish aircraft on it. Because just take a 9.7 plane, give out missiles and give br 10.7, throw it into a prem bag and set the price at $ 80. Although the plane is banally UNPLAYABLE.

  • Bomb the bases? No, you can’t keep up with the allied phantoms. Destroy enemy planes? No, because they have flares and front-facing or all-facing missiles. Trying to get on the tail with the help of vanevers? No, because after the first maneuver you will have a speed of 300 km/h and they will simply fly away from you or shoot you down. The only chance to destroy enemy planes is to catch newcomers who do not know how to play. And the only way to bomb bases is to shoot down your phantoms or fly through enemies to bases, but this ends fatally as usual.

I agree with you. I 100000% regret the purchase of the Draken, it is absolutely minced at the BR it is at. It should be nowhere near 10.7.

This thing is fucking pay to lose. It’s unplayable. Trying to get my Swedish tree up, because I recently switched to Swedish tanks.

I’ve totally stopped trying to destroy other player aircraft, it’s impossible unless you get absolutely lucky. I have resorted for suicide missions to bases to try to get as much research as possible to get away from this fucking aircraft.

There are so many things wrong with it. it is horrendous. Flying this thing in this game should be considered a form of torture with those responsible for it being called up to the ICC.

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