Saab 32 overtiered

Because it gets no attention whatsoever. The state of the Saab 32 line is not well. Both need to go down. The J32A with the weaker engine could go to 8.7 where it still has plenty of competition, the J32B would benefit a lot from going down to 9.0, it has absolutely no business facing 9.7 to 10.3 opposition almost every match. J32B is in a really tough spot right now and it is among my favorite planes in wt. please tell me what u guys think and whether or not this is the right place to drop a wish/demand like that. cheers

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i mean it certainly would benefit, not sure it needs it.

It was fine last time i played it, but that was also when the A32A used to be 9.3. And the A32A back then was awful at 9.3 (J32B was also 9.3 back then).

I don’t get for example why something like the Mig19 is at the same br as the Saab 32B, same thing with the Supermarine Scimitar at 8.7. The Scimitar is basically a radar less 32B that is superior in almost every way.

I think personally its more comparable to the Hunter FGA.9 at 9.3 or J34 at 9.0.

They are the same br, personally I think both should go down to the same br as the J34.

do you think the scimitar is better than the 32B ?

Not sure, i cant aim the scimitar because its rudder is bloody awful. It does have good acceleration and power though but due to the rudder i would personally place it a little lower than the J32B.

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I just read that the Saab 32B is supposed to have a Hughes AN/AAR-4 Infrared sight, any thoughts or info on this ?

its supposed to have a radar sight but gaijin removed it cuz balancing issues i believe