Hi I dont have the aircraft of the topic, but I would greatly appreciate if anyone can answer my questions about it :)

Does it carry bombs that guide themselves to the target?

Does it have bombadier sight or any other assistance with aming the bombs?

My questions come from my experience in Ground-RB where they seem to have consistently high precission with aiming their bombs.

It gets a CCIP for bombs so it gets the aiming reticle for bombs

that explains it, thanks

Only carries good ol’ fashioned dumb bombs though

It has:
Dumb bombs
Rocket CCIP

It has 500kg and 1000lbs bombs.
The grind from guns is pain.
The AIM-9B is still shit.
This is purely a CAS plane for Ground RB in my opinion; The grind to spade is too hard though.

My personal CAS load is (From inside the cockpit, right to left)


So yes, it gets “bomb sights” from third person like in arcade. No guided bombs, but that would be funny at 8.3 BR. But the strategy is, get low, stay low, find a target, get up, and then dive down onto the target with your bomb glide landing right on you/other vehicles.

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The premium Saab 105-OE gets MCLOS guided ATGMS at the same BR, and one BR step higher at 8.7 americans rule the skies with bullpups and walleyes.

I never found MCLOS missiles to be that useful but that is a skill issue on my part.

True. US mains enjoy the best cas at basically all brs.

RB-05A’s. Yeah, kinda hard to use for beginners though. Kinda have to lawn dart them, but then you have SPAA’s on you, so…

Cool, but that isn’t related