SAAB-105 Missing Loadout

The saab-105g in-game is missing some load-outs, as shown in the images attached the saab-105g should be able to carry up to 4 rb24’s it should have acess to an additional 2 on the innermost wing pylons whilst still retaining the ability to carry the guns, The Saab-105g also had the ability to carry napalm bombs, and minigun pods.

Attached below are images from SAAB-105 a book by SVEN STRIDSBERG AND EMIL LINDBERG (ISBN 0345-3413)

And the second 2 images are from TEKNIK FÖR ALLA NR 10 1968 BMW 2000,TRIUMPH GT FORD,SAAB 105 FLYG,TRIMASTER BÅT

(I’m brand new to the forums so I’m not sure if this is the right spot to put this please tell me if it is and where I should put it)


You should get your Bug Report on this Specialized website : Community Bug Reporting System

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thank you. ill pop it over there :)

This will be labelled as either needing more information or “submitted to devs as a suggestion”.
So dont hold much high hopes

Yea, they even got the model wrong for the nose cone… If this is a different 105 variant I’m questioning what variant War thunder has?